Bad Influences

Hey guys welcome back. So todays post is about bad influences. Now let me just start out by saying that there haven’t been many of these in my life so forgive me if this post is a bit shorter than normal. I first want to cover what I think makes someone a bad influence. A bad influence is someone who:
-doesn’t respect the people who are trying to help them
-does not pay attention to schoolwork
-chooses not to listen to authority
-is a fake friend
-often gets in trouble ( at school or with the law)
-pressures other people
-makes fun of or puts others down to gain popularity
There are many other things that make someone a bad influence but those are the things that stick out to me. Compare this list to people in your life that you think are bad influences and see what you find. But then there’s the question, ” What if my parent or older sibling seems to be a bad influence?” Most advice columns will tell you to talk to them when they are calm and in a good mood. I’m here to tell you that that’s only going to work with certain people. If it’s an older sibling or other family member, such as a cousin, who seems like a bad influence talk to your parents first. If you go to the person directly the may lash out at you and get mad. If it happens to be a parent, talk to your other parent or a trusted adult. In fact if you are having any issues with a parent that are more than just arguments, talk to a trusted adult right away.

Bad influences are not people you should be around because its likely you will start to become like them. Hear me when I say that you DO NOT want to be a bad influence. Especially if you have younger siblings. Remember that they look up to you. Be a good example.

Anyway that’s all for today guys thanks so much for reading and im sorry this blog was a bit random I wasn’t sure what to blog today. Thanks anyway though.

See ya soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Crushes and relationships?

Well this topic has played a semi big role in my life because
A.I have a crush
And B. I was asked out in 6th grade..

Okay I understand your crushes but a relationship in a grade that was still supposed to be in elementary school (My school is 6th, 7th ,and 8th) is completely unnecessary and if you want companionship that bad then hang with your friends, pets, family, etc. Just please don’t think you NEED a boyfriend to be cool or anything like that. But if you want to have a relationship that early don’t let me stop you go for it. But my suggestion is to wait a few more years until at least 8th or 9th grade. And, i do not hate on any relationship earlier.

Ok let’s get letter A done first. So yes i do have a crush and it’s nothing major but I don’t think he likes me back but I have not worked up the confidence to actually start the conversation. But I’m working on it. I have his oovoo which I’m not going to share because of stalkers. 🙂 (Love ya guys) And you can text on their so I’m gonna text him and see if he want to be friends. NO FURTHER until I think is the appropriate age. But until then wish me luck.

NOW…. letter B so near the end of school I was on instagram and then i got a direct message from this guy in my home and careers class who sat next to me for a while until he was moved to different seat for behavior reasons. But anyways I flipped out because i didn’t really like the kid even as a friend so I answered it was a short but awful conversation. He asked me out i said no, but like the stupidly over-polite person i am i said if i was a loud to date would’ve accepted (which i would not have) and now he wont stop texting me after I gave him my NUMBER!! I AM THE EXAMPLE OF WHAT NOT TO DO IF YOU DON’T LIKE A GUY AND WANT TO SAY NO.

But I hope this was a little insight into middle school relationships and such.

Cya Tomorrow

-Liss 🙂

Friend? Or Fake?

Have you ever wondered if your so called new “best friend” you just met this year is just pretending or isn’t really your “new” best friend? I have.. And i found out that she wasn’t, so in this blog i am gonna teach you how to.. BUST THAT “FRIEND”!!!!!!… Okay too excited Calm down Liss.. The music i’m listening to is WAY TOO HYPER! Okay onto the actual blog:

How to tell if they are true:
-Listens to you
-Doesn’t tell your secrets
-Finds the time to talk to you
-Cheers you up
-Makes you feel welcomed and included
-Doesn’t gossip about you
-Gives you advice
-Forgives you
-Doesn’t ditch you
-Is loyal
-Gives you an honest opinion
-And makes it clear they care about you ❤

How to tell if they are FAKE:
-Might be distracted when you are talking to them
-Has no concern of your well-being
-Tells your secrets
-Hangs with you only for their own benefit or hangs w/ you for one second then ditches you
-Gossips to other girls/boys she/he considers her/his “BFFS”
-Forgets or ignores important events (ex:A big award you are receiving that you have told her/him about multiple times over the year)
-Gives empty promises
-Gets angry at you for the smallest mistakes
-Makes fun of you in a mean way
-Might try to take advantage of you
-Ignores you when another girl/boy is around
-AND THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE:Cares more about popularity and boys/girls than you, If she/he does this then you know for an absolute fake. And i have one of those and I am distancing myself.

How to get them off your back:
Just distance yourself and say you are busy and can't hang out.
If this doesn't work then (I would never do this to the girl/boy but..) confront them and say you want to end the friendship. But that's just me and some people might find this more effective.

So i hope this was helpful and cya tomorrow!

Liss 🙂

Back to School Tips

Hey guys welcome back. So back to school season is quickly approaching and for some of you it may even begin within the next couple of weeks. Now for anyone entering a new school there are plenty of things you’re probably worrying about. Things like friends, homework, navigating hallways, and so on. This post is going to be geared mostly towards those entering middle school so if you wanna learn how to survive in the upcoming school year, keep reading. My first year in middle school was only last year so I’m not a total expert but there are a few specific things I was concerned about:
1) The incredibly huge size of my school
2) How me and my friends from elementary school were going to remain friends
3) Homework
Now as far as the first thing goes if you’re entering a new school that’s bigger than you’re old one all you really need to do is go over you’re schedule. At my school you can print your schedule for the year from the school website. Your school may have something similar you can look into. At my school they open the doors a couple weeks before school begins so you can walk through your schedule and learn the school. There is also a map of the entire school in the agenda pads. Find out if your new school has anything like this so you’ll be prepared for whatever comes you’re way as far as hallways go.

The second thing was not too much of a problem for me but it was still something I worried about. You don’t have to worry too much about maintaining friendships. If your friends are true friends the universe will do that magical thing it does where it makes everything turn out okay. All my friends and I had to do was sit at the same lunch table.

The third thing was probably the thing that didn’t make any sense to worry about. You’re teachers are fully aware that you get homework from multiple classes and will accommodate to that. They also understand that you have a life outside of school and will understand if you miss an assignment one in a while as long as its for valid reasons.

Some other things you might be worried about but really shouldn’t be are older students, time between classes, gym, bullying, finding your bus at the end of the day, and detention.

Anyway that’s it for today guys I hope this helped you relax a bit about the upcoming school year. Thanks for reading!

See ya soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



The Cruelty Of Society

Hey guys so today me and Liss are doing a blog together! So I’m gonna write the first paragraph and Liss is going to write the second. Anyway we’ve decided that instead of alternating days between the 2 of us we’re just going to each post once a day. So you’ll get 2 posts in one day. We’ll try our best to get both posts up by 8:30, Eastern Standard Time, every day. Anyway today’s post  is about the image that the media seems to love to torture us with. You know that perfect body that from a young age we’re taught to love. I don’t know about you but I used to love to play with Barbie dolls. Someone once told me that there was an article they read that said that if Barbie was a real human, she’d have to crawl on all fours because her body is so unrealistic. See what I mean? Anyway we all need to stop looking at that photo shopped image and think that we aren’t good enough. If you look closely at most of the images on magazine covers, THE PEOPLE LOOK ABSOLUTLEY RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s crazy to compare yourself to someone who looks so fake. I know it’s hard but you need to find beauty within yourself and look beyond the image in the mirror because mirrors lie. A mirror doesn’t show the awesome personality you have. You need to embrace things like that and as hard as it may seem you need to learn to do that. Trust me I’m still learning myself. But you know what they say, practice what you preach. Or at least I think they say that. Thanks for reading.

See ya soon!!!!!!!!!!!

– Dani


So I guess now it’s my turn.. Well from experience I understand that looking into the mirror or standing on the scale can be a little painful. Trust me I have my problems. In elementary school I was happy and content through kindergarten to 4th. But in 5th grade I felt a little insecure and one day me and my friend were talking about this one incident about a boy who was called fat by a 4th grader and he was standing behind us and all he heard was that, after she said something funny I laughed and he said to me, “I wouldn’t be laughing.” And it hurt. But then again in 5th grade near October we had trick or treat pillow cases and I put my book bag inside it and was waiting inside the classroom for my bus to be called and I was talking to this boy and then he made a “joke” and said “Ha, that bag looks like you!” And, I realized then that I was unhappy with my appearance. So I worked on it but now going into 7th grade I realize that what matters is not the image you see but the person you are inside and who cares if someone doesn’t think you are as pretty or as skinny as them. There will always be one person that will be skinnier and prettier. But that doesn’t mean you’re ugly. We all have our flaws and are beautiful in our own ways. And, I should’ve realized this before but I was too caught up with self image that I never realized that worse things could be. But, I just want you guys to know that whether you are thin, short, tall, or overweight you are B E A U T I F U L. And, don’t let society change you. I heard a quote that has said, ” Don’t let society change your smile, change society with your smile.” And I feel like this fits and if you ever feel like I have just know that, me and Dani are here for you. Remember this. I mean I’m still smiling.

See you next blog,

Liss 🙂

So This Is New…

Well hi there! Welcome to our brand new blog. First of all my name is Dani and me and my friend Liss, who you heard from yesterday, have created this blog for 2 main reasons. 1) We are in middle school and know how hard it is to survive in this world we live in. 2) We need money. Now the first reason is far more significant than the second one but we want you to know that we are here for you. We’ll be blogging everyday, alternating between the two of us. I’ll be telling stories and giving advice on how to deal with family drama, friend drama, homework, teachers, etc. Liss and I will try to work out a specific time when this will be posted each day but please forgive us if the blog is late sometimes. Thank you so much for reading and I hope you stick with us and learn from our experiences.

See ya soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(^ ^)/

What is gonna happen here?

little introduction to a guide to middle school.

So this is my first time EVER blogging and i guess i should introduce myself.. My name is Alyssa but on this site i go by Liss. I should give you some answers first. Like why i decided to make this blog with my bff Dani, and what our schedule is,and so on. Well me and Dani want to make some extra cash but at the same time have some fun doing it. it will take time but we got the year and more to come. But we want to save for vidcon next year and blogging could help us drastically with our money problem.But we made this site to help preteens/teenagers in middle school (mostly girls but boys may tag along if they like) and just give you some tips.SO i guess you could say this is your new survival guide for incoming middleschoolers. And me and Dani will be very happy giving you tips that helped us cope and make it through middle school. Our schedule is everyday switching off and at the end of our blogs we will include our names. This is the introduction and there will be much more to come. Happy almost back to school ( just kidding i don’t wanna go back to the hell hole) and maybe before you enter middle school you will enter with some good advice ad tips. We also are going to be blogging about our daily lives. Take care until next time.

Your new blogger Liss. 🙂