Embarrassing Moments

Hey guys welcome back. So I have recently been recalling a lot of embarrassing things that have happened to me. In fact just typing those 2 sentences made me remember about 4.I cant believe I’m typing this but I’m going to tell you 5 embarrassing stories from my cringe worthy childhood some of which I haven’t thought about in years.

1) I was in about 4th grade and I had a cold. There were a bunch of tissues and cough drops in my pockets. My class was walking up the stairs and I tripped, fell up the stairs, and everything in my pockets flew out onto the floor.

2) I was really little, probably about 3 and I was at a party at my great aunts house. She had this really small dog and I decided it was a good idea to try and pick it up. Just as I was about to, about 4 people started to scream ” DONT PICK UP THE DOG!!! PUT HER DOWN PUT HER DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

3) I was at an amusement park with my mom, aunt, and siblings. For some reason I was really mad after waiting on line for the bumper cars and I really didn’t want to go on them anymore. I told my mom and she started to yell at me to get on because she didn’t want to have waited on line for nothing. I started crying and eventually just yelled “FINE!” at this point all the people around had gone silent.

4) I was in school walking to my next class and a kid in a motorized wheelchair came up behind me, crashed into the back of my feet, and I fell face first onto the floor. The hallway went silent everyone looked at me and I was mortified.

5) I had been out of school for a few days and I was ready to go back and then about 30 minutes before the bus came, I started to have a mental breakdown. I was crying and begging not to go to school. I finally went in, late. I got to my first period class, hoping to slip in unnoticed, walked in and a kid just yelled out my name announcing that I was there. * sigh * The room went silent, the teacher came over to me and saw that something was wrong. She sent me to the nurse and just as I closed the door I heard someone ask, “What was wrong? What happened to her?”

What was the point of me telling you those stories you may ask. Well I wanted to let you laugh at my life in attempts at making whatever day you’ve been having a little bit better. Remember that no one remembers your embarrassing moments but you.

See ya soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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