Hey guys welcome back. So today I thought i’d update you on how school has been because it’s been a while and I don’t have any ideas.

Today my bus was late, as usual,  so I had to practically run to first period. My teacher ended up being late anyway so I was mad.

Second period wasn’t very eventful which I was okay with. We read a packet, wrote some things down and watched a video.

However 3rd period, I had a Spanish test.




Ah yes the dread that fills you when you have to take a test on a language you’ve barley started to learn. It’s a great feeling. ( that was complete sarcasm ) I think I did okay. There is one question that I know for sure I got wrong but there was a bonus so I think im in the clear.

4th period was math and I don’t know how to feel about math. The class isn’t chaotic which I appreciate, but the teacher always seems distracted. She’ll tell us to complete 10 questions and 8 minutes after everyone is done she is still doing something on her computer…

5th period was English… *sigh*






There is nothing more I can really say about that class. I mean you know how I feel and I just cant deal with it. I don’t completely dread going but I just don’t like the teachers style of teaching.

Then was lunch.

In science we did an experiment which was really fun.  I love that class so much.

Last period was gym. UGH. The horror of changing, and listening and having a team who just doesn’t give a crap about whats happening or what   grade they get.

Anyway thanks for reading.  Im sorry this was late, I was up to my neck in homework but I won the battle in the end. I hope you enjoyed.

See ya soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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