My Halloween

Hey guys welcome back. I was hanging out with some friends and i’m so sorry this is late. This is going to be pretty short because I actually didn’t do much today. I feel like as we’re getting older, Halloween gets less and less exciting. But I did have a bit of fun today.

So I started out my Halloween trick-or-treating on my street with my friend but we were out at 2:00 and there was no one else around. Then all of a sudden I see this woman and her son walking down this street and i’m like




That’s the kid from my gym class.

So I pretty much tried to hide after that. Then after I went o my street I came home and put on a t-shirt and pants and waited for Liss to call and say they were done on the street I wanted to avoid so that I could head over. We trick-or-treated around the side streets by where I wanted to avoid. Then, Liss and another friend had the bright idea to try and scare us. I’ll let Liss tell the story because she can tell it better than I ever could. I can tell you that I didn’t fall for it one bit.

After that we just hung out at our friends house, ate pizza, and messed around. I might go back and sleep over, not sure. I’ll have to plead with my dad to let me go.

Okay guys that’s it. I hope you enjoyed this and i’m once again so, so sorry that this is late. Thanks for reading.

See ya soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




How To Survive Halloween

Hey guys welcome back. So today it is Friday! But it doesn’t feel like Friday, it feels more like a Wednesday.

I’m also feeling very productive today. I’m not exactly sure why, I haven’t done much. After this i’m finally going to fix Why I Hate Shopping! I’m so happy to finally be doing that. I had 2 quizzes today and i’m slowly but surely catching up on all of the YouTube channels I watch. Maybe that’s why I’m feeling so productive.

Someone is having an argument in my house. Sometimes I feel bad for my neighbors.

In other news, we have finally figured out what we’re doing about Halloween. It for sure doesn’t feel like Halloween is tomorrow but I am definitely excited.

I need to look up pictures of Belle so I can figure out hair and makeup and stuff.

I’ve got to clean my room.

Is there a point to this, there’s got to be. Just looked. Nope, no point. I should make a point.

Got it. How to survive Halloween. (Ugh this isn’t really working. Whatever we’re going with it. )

1. Plan your hair makeup and accessories early. Try everything on together and make sure it looks good.

2. Go to the bathroom BEFORE you head out. I cannot stress this enough. You won’t believe how many times this has happened to me.

3. Don’t eat too much candy before the night is over. You don’t want to feel sick walking around, or dancing, or watching a movie or whatever you’ll be doing, you just don’t want to feel sick doing it.

Okay guys that’s it. Sorry if this wasn’t interesting. Tomorrow I will have to blog before we go out because it will be late otherwise. Maybe there will be a bonus blog afterwards not really sure. I’m going to take a 30 minute break to do some other stuff and i’ll be back and to fix Why I Hate Shopping and it will be the old post so you can look at that which was a week ago. Thanks for reading.

See ya soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Sorting Things Out

Hey guys welcome back. So today I tried to sort out the whole trick-or-treating situation but, as most things do for me, it kind of blew up in my face. I felt worse leaving the conversation then I did entering it. I was pretty sad about it all day. Liss tried to get me to communicate my feelings which i’m really bad at. We did it over text and typing everything out actually made me feel a lot better.

Everyone’s always told me that writing down your feelings makes it better but I never believed it. I know it’s really cliché but trust me it’s worth it.

However i’m still not sure what we’re doing. I made the colossal mistake of getting my mom involved which has only made me twice as confused.

I have also discovered that I could very well have a panic attack going on that street with so many other people there. THINKING about going on that street with all of those people has made me cry and actually shake. I don’t know if I really explained the extent of everything to my friends and they probably all think i’m being overdramatic. It isn’t so much the street, but the amount of people I know will be on it. THAT is why I get so uncomfortable. On my street I know that there are less people.

I hate situations with that many people. But, I’ve learned to hide my anxiety very well, and no one has ever questioned me.

Yeah. I guess this is my way of telling friends because I know 2 of them, other than Liss may very well read this.

Other than that, the 90 day challenge is going much better. I think I might do a weekly update. Maybe every Thursday starting today (kind of). I’ve made It my mission this week to catch up on all the YouTube channels I watch by Saturday and I actually might do it. Also tomorrow i’m going to fix Why I Hate Shopping. I know I’ve been saying it for the last week but this time I really am. (I hope). In other 90 day challenge news, I know I said I was going to go without sugar until Halloween, but i’m not completely restricting myself, just being conscious of how much sugar i’m eating.

Okay I think that’s it. I don’t know what i’m doing on here but 43 strangers seem to enjoy it so hey, liss and I are doing something right. Right?

See ya soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Well crazy things

hey guys I’m the new student council president!!

I got to speak on the announcement speaker which no one heard!


But anyways I had an English test today which I got an 89 on.

Im trying out for the play on Monday its beauty and the beast and I have no idea what I’m going to sing. I’m super nervous so leave some suggestions for songs down below for mezzo sopranos? 

Eh. Okay so these two days have been 


Granted today I witnessed the great start to an relationship.

Anyways I was in tech. And these two kids Vincent(VM) and Adam are two trouble making friends. They are so close and always joke with people dropping hints (joking wise) that they are a “thing”

So my teacher called us up to the example desk and I basically was just standing there and I watch Adam come over to Vincent. Then what happened next slayed me.

Adam reaches down and gently grabs Vincent’s butt. 

I look over mortified and I see Vincent’s face. 

Smiling and he just took it.. I was just standing there laughing to myself the whole rest of the period.

And it’s not like I’m against gay anything in fact let’s all just accept gay.

But this was different. They are not gay (I think) and they just joke tih each other so it’s so funny in a way.

You have to actually know the kids to get the funny part about it.

Anyways I’m tired and I gtg do hw


Speaking Your Mind

Hey guys welcome back. I have no clue what to blog about today. None. Zip. Zero.

This is like the hardest thing I have to do every day.

Oaky I wrote those sentences like 15 minutes ago, because my friends and I were just discussing Halloween and I realized something.

Basically I was originally told that we were trick-or-treating on my street, and now we’re going on my friends street. All of my close friends, the people I trust more than anyone, live on the other side of a busy road. All of the stuck up, intimidating, people who make me feel so horrible live on my side.

My friends refuse to come trick-or-treating on my side because of all those people. So I just spent the last 10 minutes rolling the thought around my mind and being really sad. Sad because all the people who live within 2 blocks of me make me feel inferior.

This is an issue that has come up a lot lately, especially with a certain girl on the bus who we shall call FGB. I’ll let you decide what that stands for and no, swear words were not involved. But this girl is super mean to a couple of my friends, and my brothers. I’ve chosen to stay out of her way and only speak to her when absolutely necessary. There are 3 other girls who we shall call Fake Squad, Jerk Face and another boy. Then there are 6 girls i’m kind of friends with, and me. That’s just in my grade. Everyone, except the 6 kind of friends, are super mean, rude, and annoying.

I haven’t been trick-or-treating on my street in 2 years and in all honesty, I want to be close to home on my street. I feel more uncomfortable on the other street, even though everyone bad lives over here. on my street, the mean people don’t even stick around for Halloween, most of their friends live on the other side. They go over there.  I get pretty bad anxiety on the other street.

But of course, me being me, I didn’t tell any of my friends this because, idk.

My point in this is speak your mind. Don’t be like me. You’re problems won’t be solved unless you speak up and say how you really feel. I remember one year in dance we were picking costumes and I hated the dress everyone else loved. It was the final week and we had to pick. When we got to the dress, I said that I didn’t really like it. Turns out nobody else did either. They all just said they did because they thought everyone else liked it. We ended up getting the dress I really liked. I’m going to try to tell my friends now.

As far as Why I Hate Shopping goes, I will try. I can’t make any promises.

See ya soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Hey guys welcome back. So today is Tuesday. I’ve realized over the years that Tuesday is kind of like the forgotten day.

On Monday everyone is dreading school, on Wednesday you get happy the week is half over, and Thursday and Friday, you’re all excited for the weekend.

But Tuesday is just kind of there.

Other than that today I had gym, ugh.

We’re playing something called pick-o-ball. I’ve never heard of this game before starting our unit on it. Basically it’s like tennis with paddles instead of rackets and stupid rules.

But we had to jog outside to the tennis courts and then, when we got to the tennis courts, we had to sprint around the entire area.

I’m watching YouTube and blogging right now. #multitasking

But I am getting more excited each day for Halloween. I have always loved Halloween. Are you excited, you should be. Free candy what’s there not to like.

I also realized today that November is in less than a week. Where did October go?!?!

We are off of school November 3rd which I also found out today! Happy times.

Okay this is probably the most Liss like blog I’ve ever written. ( did that make any sense ) But other then that I gotta go do homework so thank you for reading and until tomorrow

See ya soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



So nervous!

Tomorrow is the election for student council president I’m super duper nervous and don’t kno hat to write!

I gtg do homework but that’s for later.

I’m so happy I have friends honestly.

Who would be able to criticize me because I didn’t know where Washington, D.C. Was.


I’m sad

Sad little existence 

Also because today I was going to throw out the trash at my table when one of my candidates who is now my friend asks me,

“Did you do the review sheet for tech?”







Woops Im not perfect

So I rush over to my table and he gives me his worksheet which he didn’t that have to do and I think was really nice.

Anyways hopefully my tech teacher doesn’t catch on.

So like I said hw gtg bai!