Hey guys welcome back. So today we will be announcing the surprise we have in store and I really hope you are as excited as Liss and I are. But, before we get to that, here are my goals of the day

  1. Stay focused and on-task in all of my classes
  2. Complete all my homework and have the blog up before dance
  3. Read
  4. Work extra hard in dance

So far I have completed the first 2. Also, tomorrow is the first of December and in all honesty, these months are flying by. I feel like that always seems to happen. The year flies by until Christmas break and then the year just drags on and on. Also the 27 of this coming month will be our six month anniversary of writing this blog. I can’t believe it. That has gone by so quickly. I feel like it was just yesterday that I was introducing myself in my very first post.

And now, the moment you have hopefully been waiting for, the announcement.

Liss and I have decided, in the holiday spirit, that we’d put a twist on vlog-mas, creating blog-mas.

Basically if you don’t know what vlog-mas is, it is typically a YouTube thing in which leading up to Christmas, a YouTuber makes a video every single day from the first till the twenty-fifth.

Liss and I already blog daily so, every day there will be two posts from each of us by 8:30 EST each day. One will be the typical blog we post each day and one will be dedicated to the holidays. Whether it’s about decorating or DIY projects we hope you are excited and this all starts tomorrow so get ready to celebrate the holidays with Liss and I.

See ya soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Turning Things Around

Hey guys welcome back. So today I stayed in my Pj’s but this time, it didn’t bother me as much. Mostly because I was actually being productive. But here are my goals of the day

  1. Finally finish cleaning my room.
  2. Exercise
  3. Read
  4. Do some practicing for dance

So far I haven’t accomplished my original goals,  but that is because I spent most of my day working on a project for my health class. I was pretty mad at most of the other group members because there is only one who put any effort into this and the final project is due Thursday.

I did my work but I was really mad because when we were deciding who would do what, two of the group members picked 5 point assignments, and me and the other got all the 10 point ones. It’s also so unfair because me and the other girl who got 10 pt. assignments, are the only ones who are making an effort to get a good grade. It was stressing me out so much and I am not happy with the other group members for not doing what they’re supposed to.

But, I was able to turn the situation around. While I was working, I was on FaceTime with Liss, and we  came up with an idea to celebrate Christmas. It’s a surprise but you won’t have to wait long. We are either announcing it tomorrow or Tuesday.

Other than that I don’t have a lot to tell you. I am excited to make this up-coming week a good one so I hope you stay tuned for that. Thank you for reading and I hope you had a good Sunday.

See ya soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





Hey guys at the moment I have realized I have a little OCD.. yes i have obsessive Christmas disorder and Obsessive Cheese Disorder. But i’m afraid i might have real OCD. Like, dani is currently showing me her health project that her group didn’t do anything on. ( I’ll let dani explain) and the themes don’t match the work is limited and it bothers me.

Like really bothers me. I felt like chewing my finger off.

Is this OCD?

I don’t know but today I woke up and i tried to go walking but it was 30 degrees..

yep not happening. so me my mom and my grandma turned around and listened to Adele’s new album. I also found my iPod 4!

It has such cringey and unworthy photos of me in fourth grade.

My fifth grade graduation.

That one time in grade 6 when i snuck my I Pod into school and took some really awful photos.

Right now I’m just face timing Dani who is working furiously on her project.

And Dani and I are planning a special surprise for Christmas…





July 27th PEOPLE!

~Liss ❤

Feeling Good

Hey guys welcome back. So today  Liss and I were going to walk again but it started raining so instead we ran errands with her mom and grandmother. I actually had a lot of fun. I like rainy days. It gives you an excuse to get all cozy and just relax. I just took my dog outside and it was really cold. Winter is almost upon us.

But, today I want to finally finish cleaning my room. It is so easy to just put off doing it that I have no idea what my room looks like when it is actually clean.

Also I need to exercise to make up for not walking today. When I do get around to exercising, I really enjoy it. It feels good to be doing the right thing for my body. I’ve also been trying my best to eat a little healthier. I really noticed  my eating habits spiraling out of control lately. I’ve also been having a skin crisis for like a week and a half now. I know it’s because of my eating habits. Liss swears its not that bad but trust me, my entire forehead is covered with acne. *sigh*

Also, as of today, I’m going to be 13 in one week. 13!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know what to make of this. I never wanted to grow up and the idea of being a teenager terrifies me.

Other than that I dont have much else to say. My parents are out right now so me, my brothers, and grandma are going out to dinner and i’m going to go get ready. Thank you for reading and I hope you had a wonderful day.

See ya soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




i woke up and I’m sore…I wanted to walk but idk if I’m ready.

Softball killed me ugh god they said a little sore A LITTLE SORE IM SO SORE IT HURTS TO COUGH!!!


Ugh god but anyways how was your thanksgiving weekend? I spent mine with my family and it was awesome! I also decorated my room for Hanukkah and Christmas! IM A CAJEW!!!!!!!!!!

Anywho I’m gonna walk to feel accomplished in life.

I gtg but I’ll blog later today BEFORE 8:30!!!!!!!!!!

I’m sorry I have been super duper busy with hw, exercise, family, etc. I need to get back on track I know because I don’t need extra yelling at me because I miss a blog. (Miss Dani) jk Ly dani. 

-Liss ❤


Hey guys welcome back. So today I did a lot and I feel great. My goals were

  1. Exercise
  2. Do some reading
  3. Clean my room
  4. Eat healthy
  5. Be positive

I walked 2 1/2 miles with Liss today, read half a chapter of one of the books I’m currently reading, I’ve eaten pretty healthy, been very positive, and I started to clean my room last night but it was really late so I went to bed.

Basically last night, I exercised for about 45 minutes and cleaned my room for about 10. This morning I woke up at 9:45 ish. Then, 12 minutes later, Liss texts me about 30 times trying to get my attention. Finally I responded and she asked if I wanted to go walking. So I hopped out of bed, threw on leggings and a t-shirt, and Liss and I went on a walk around a lake in our town and I had fun. We did a lot of talking about the blog and life in general.

Then, I came home, ate lunch, and went with my mom to her office to help her do work. She said she’d pay me 10 dollars. So, I counted, folded, and put 620 Christmas cards into envelopes. 620 CRISTMAS CARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m not even done. I have to go back tomorrow and seal them all. I feel very proud of myself though.

So that’s pretty much what happened today and I feel very accomplished. I’m about to head out for dinner with my family because it’s my uncles last night here and he’s heading home tomorrow. Thank you for reading and I hope you had a good day.

See ya soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Not So Good

Hey guys welcome back. So I am pretty much done with everything right now. I’m feeling really horrible. Mostly because I messed up pretty much everything I attempted to do today. I didn’t clean my room, practice my violin, exercise, I achieved nothing I wanted to. I still have time left to do them but here’s what happened.

Today I woke up and didn’t make my bed. That is how everything usually starts to fall apart for me. If I don’t make my bed the whole “good day” I have planned pretty much goes out the window. My room is an absolute mess.

My violin was completely out of tune and when I tried tuning it I failed miserably. It now sounds like a dying goat.

I was going to exercise but I didn’t because I was doing my homework. That is the one thing I managed to accomplish doing today. I also just tried to make cookies with my mom and brother and failed once again.

And I’ve been feeling really bad about myself ever since this morning when my uncle and his girlfriend came over and wanted to see our school pictures. My brother shows everyone his and they say ” Wow, that’s a really great picture. You look good.” I show everyone mine and they say “…”. Nothing. I get no response to my picture.

I feel like screaming and crying but I won’t let myself feel any worse than I already do. I’m determined to turn this awful day into a better one. My family will be heading over to my grandmother’s house shortly for Thanksgiving dinner and I plan to have that turn my day around.

Thank you for listening to my little rant and I wish you a happy Thanksgiving. 😃

See ya soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!