Hey guys welcome back. So today not much really went on but I have had a really good day today.

Goals Of The Day:

  1. Complete weekend homework
  2. Do some reading
  3. Eat healthier than I have been

I knew I was going to have an at least Ok day when my bus got to school early this morning. I knew that meant something because I always have to rush to first period but today I actually got there before the teacher. Then I realized I forgot to get something signed…

Second period was good, but in Spanish I realized I did the wrong page for homework. And in English I realized I forgot to include a few things in a paragraph we had to write. Oops.

So I didn’t have a great day in terms of homework. But, something really cool came out of English today. In the general area where Liss and I live, there is going to be a writing contest for teens who want to have their work published. I don’t know all the details and I have to look at the website tonight, but it will be going until February and I kind of want to participate. I love writing and always have, so maybe i’ll write a short story. Entries can’t be more than 2,000 words though so that will be a challenge for me. I have some cool ideas so maybe i’ll try it out.

But yeah, that was pretty much the extent of what happened today. I had gym which wasn’t bad and I think I’m just going to hang out mostly by myself for the rest of the night. Alright I’m going to go watch The Simpsons with my brothers so I gtg.

See ya soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






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