Hey guys welcome back. So today I had a much better day. I worked super hard in all my classes, I still have a full 30 minutes before I have to leave for dance and I have about 15 minutes worth of homework left so I think I can call that productive.

Goals of the day:

  1. Do well on the tests I had
  2. Practice my violin
  3. Eat Healthy
  4. Work hard in dance
  5. Go to sleep early

I think I have done pretty good so far. I’ve been pretty positive all day.

Also, you know how everyone always wants to be normal. Not long ago, a friend of mine completely blew my mind. She said, “If we’re all different, how can there be a normal person? No one is the same so technically normal would be abnormal.” I thought about that and to me it makes a lot of sense. She blows my mind a lot actually.

Okay guys that’s it. I hope you had a good day like I did and I hope you’re smiling! 😄😄😄

See ya soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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