So hey guys I finished season one of the netflix series, Zoo.

We went to school and it was hat day so I wore my hat and it was good.I am seriously so done and tired and happy that tomorrow is christmas eve.

My mom looked at my present I got her and she finally figured out it was me. She loved the scrapbook so I’m satisfied.

I gave all my presents to my teachers and they loved it. So candles are a good idea! I freaked out earlier because I left my secret santa gift i art and forgot so I had to run to my art room and y teahcer was like,

“You’re here for that bag?”


“*Sigh* It’s there.”

Like she was so disappointed in me.

Like it was a common mistake.

Ugh god people annoy me.

So my phne is dead again and I have to charge it BLAH



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