So guys I just hugged my dog for a good hour.

I saw this rash that we “Treated”  and I felt so compelled to hug him. But my social studies test went great (I think).

But, what’s been on my mind is that I think this girl might have a crush on me. And, I am not 100% sure but it felt awkward.

So I was talking with Dani’s friend Ty who has this friend Si. So Si is confirmed lesbian and so I was talking to Ty and he blurts out,

“So.. who do you like?”

And, I am like,


And so he goes,

“Come on girl spill! I think you got something going on with so and so.”

So I say,

“Sorry I ain’t about that life.”

But then he looks at Si and asks again.

And, he goes,

“Does she know?”

And, I don’t know why I just felt really weird about it all. It is not confirmed but I am so not sure about what to do. There is nothing wrong with being gay or lesbian it’s just that I do not like girls like that.

But otherwise Si and Ty are really funny and great friends.

So that’s pretty ,much it TIME TO GO STUDY 😦



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