Sorta Kinda

Hey guys today was a great day my friend is fine thank god but last night I facetimed dani and I went from super depressed and gloomy to literally jumping out of my skin flipping out. Me and that boy had a full fledged geeky convo on Instagram and he sorta kinda called me cool. So that was really awesome.

Anyways he is going to a different high school so yea that’s upsetting. I gotta do homework any second but today was good, I got a 23/30 on my math quiz which I am not really proud of but it’s something. And P.s I know I am boy crazy 🙂

I decided I am NOT going to extra help and I am gonna study study study until I get my math DOWN! I will not give in to my mother’s opinion.

And today I found out what kind of intelligences I am, Body, people, and nature intelligence. We did that in health to decide how to study and get tips and such.

I gotta do homework ugh middle school is so much extra work :)(:




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