Do it like me

SO wow my math teacher doesn’t give two shizs

I was in math and he goes,

“Look at this cool video I found. It’s called, Do It Like Me.”

So he puts it on and it goes,

“Bitch can’t dab like me, blah blah like me, can’t blah blah blah like me, blah blah I forgot the words blah”

And he’s watching in fascination and we are all sitting there like whoa badass teacher.

Today I finished my French quiz and got my English test back, I got a 92 because I didn’t put in enough “CONTEXT”

And I got an 8.8 on my readers writer response because I need more something something and I need to put better effort into my drawings. SO SHE GIVES ME AN 8.8 AT LEAST I DREW YOU SHOULD NOT GIVE ME AN 8.8 WHEN OTHERS DID NOT  DRAW AT ALL. SHE IS MAKING ME DESPISE ENGLISH. Excuse me while I cry my eyes out.

Back to the good things I have to say,

I am going at Dani’s with lauren on Friday cause my mom is hosting something there. SO THAT IS GONNA BE THE BOMB.COM

And the last thing is that I am really happy twaimz is coming up soon.



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