Fitting In

Hey guys so today was pajama day and I wore my onesie but in first period I felt super embarrassed out it because this girl was wearing one too and everyone was like did you plan that and they were being judgmental.

So I took off my onesie called my mom and said to ring me my sneakers for gym and a sweater for the leggings I wore under the onesie.  And for the periods 2,3,4&5 I waited for my mom.. 6,7,8 no sneakers no nothing.

I find out later she came but dropped off my stuff in the wrong Wing and they never called me down. So I got a zero..

But the whole thing was that shouldn’t have be been so touchy and embarrassed. But I just wanted to fit in and later I realized I should’ve been me.

Lessons people LESSONS FOR LIFE

Anyway I hoped you enjoyed your day and have a great one!



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