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Hey guys welcome back. This is not my only post for the day but I wanted to share something with you, something that’s made me quite sad.

If you remember, a while back, Liss and I submitted stories for a writing contest thing. I call it a contest now because turns out it kind of was.

I got an email last night saying that, due to a “lack of space”, my story wasn’t chosen. Neither was Liss’.

I can’t help but feel a bit low. I know it wasn’t because of “space”, it was because they liked other people’s better. Which makes me feel like I’m not good enough. So I thought I might as well share that story with you, so at least someone can enjoy it, hopefully.


Well hi there! Welcome to our new blog. My name is Brooklyn and I’ve created this page with my BEST FRIEND in the entire world, Claire, to help fellow teens survive all the  drama in this world.

We will post about our day to day lives as well as any lessons we have learned that we think you should know.

I hope you enjoyed this quick introduction to our blog and please, stay tuned to read about our adventures.


I stare at my computer screen. I can’t believe it’s been a whole six months since I wrote this. Claire and I started our blog, in secret, mostly because we were looking for a hobby this summer. So we began writing a blog. I was on video chat with Claire when she came across the idea. I remember so clearly her saying, “Okay, I’ve done a lot of research and I think blogging could be really fun.” I agreed. I’m so glad I did. Thank goodness for Claire , without her I don’t know what I would’ve done over the summer.

During the summer, my family moved. We stayed in the same town, but leaving the home I grew up in was one of the most difficult things I’ve had to do. If I didn’t have Claire and the blog, I might’ve gone crazy. The move caused a lot of stress in my family and it was so hard to move already. The blog became an outlet for me. Claire was over almost everyday so we blogged a lot together. But once school started, we didn’t have time to be together everyday so we decided that we’d post separately.

I pick up my phone and unlock it. I impulsively click on my messages and text Claire.

Hey. Happy 6 month anniversary on the blog. I think we should write together today. Can you come over?

She instantly replies that she is on her way. At my old house, Claire and I lived on the same street and we were in walking distance from each other. Now we have to drive across town to get to one another’s houses. The doorbell goes off, not once but about 30 times and that is when I know Claire has arrived. She started doing that years ago. If the doorbell goes off that much, it has to be Claire.

I run down the stairs and to the door. I don’t even make it before Claire walks in. We don’t have to answer the door for Claire, she calls our house her “second home” and practically comes and goes as she pleases. She waves to her mom who is waiting for Claire to walk in and then closes the door. She turns to me and says, “Happy anniversary!” I shoot her a look and whisper, “would you keep your voice down!” Claire told her parents about our blog ages ago but I am terrified of telling mine. I love it so much and I’m scared they won’t let me continue. “Oops, sorry.” she says.

We head upstairs to my room and sit down at the computer. I pull up the blog and go to the section labeled “stats” so we can see how it’s doing. The notification symbol is lit up and when I click on it my jaw drops.

100 followers, 1500 likes, and 25 new comments.

I look at Claire and she is grinning from ear to ear. “Oh my gosh. How is this even possible?” I say in disbelief.” I don’t know,” Claire replies,” I didn’t think that would happen.” I go to “create a new post”.

6 Months

Hey guys. Thanks so much for everything. Not only is this our six month anniversary but, Claire and were just surprised with 100 followers! This is crazy!

I can’t believe that in just 6 months this blog has grown so much. We are so grateful for each and every one of you and without your support we wouldn’t be doing this. We would’ve given up ages ago if it hadn’t been for you guys.

I hope we continue to grow as a little community and let’s make these next six months even better shall we?

-Brooklyn & Claire 🙂

After going through the comments, we go to another site. A girl who lives all the way In England under the name Aqua. We have been following her closely for about  month now. She writes just as frequently as us and we message her regularly via the direct message section on the website our blogs are on. We talk to Aqua for a while and she congratulates us. We actually have plans to meet Aqua in person because she will be visiting America with her family next month and she will be coming to Pennsylvania where we live. I am so excited. It’s going to be so weird  actually talking to someone we’ve never seen or heard or anything.

Claire and I spend the day together but we have school tomorrow and I have to get in bed early. The next morning, I get up and sigh. Monday. The most hated day of them all. I get ready and head off to school. The day is going great but when I walk into science class, I almost collapse. There, displayed on the screen, is our blog. One of our posts on studying tips. I reluctantly sit down and pretend no to notice. My mind starts racing. I struggle with anxiety enough as it is and now this? I know my name is clearly signed at the bottom of that post. Will my classmates think anything of it? I hope not. That’s the last thing I need to deal with.

The bell rings and the teacher tells us that because we have a big test coming up, she’d like us to do some “proper” studying. Apparently she typed the words “studying tips” into Google and our blog showed up. My anxiety grows as she reads through the post. Then, she scrolls down to the very end and reads my name. Everyone turns around to look at me, one of my worst nightmares. I laugh nervously and say “What a coincidence!” They all turn back to the board and I breathe a sigh of relief. Hopefully no one suspects anything and they let it be. I practically run to lunch, I have to tell Claire.

I throw my backpack down on the table and our friend Megan stares at me like I’ve lost it. “Where’s Claire?” I ask slightly out of breath. “She went to buy lunch, what happened to you?” Megan seems concerned but I can’t tell her about our blog unless I ask Claire. “Nothing important.” I wait nervously for Claire to get back and the second she puts her tray down on the table I look at her and point towards the bathroom across the hall. Claire nods and follows me there. Once I’m sure that there is no one else in the room I tell Claire everything. “What are we going to do?” I ask her. ” We’re not going to do anything. As long as nobody suspects anything, we’re good.”

The next two weeks fly by and nothing significant happens. I begin counting down the days until we meet Aqua. She recently updated her blog and added pictures of herself and now we know what she looks like. Claire and I can’t wait.

School has been really stressing me out lately because we have a bunch of tests before Christmas break starts. So, as I always do, I blog about it. I explain the situation and then give 10 stress management tips. The next morning, I check up on the post and it has gotten a bunch of likes and comments, everyone saying things like, “great advice” and “I’m definitely trying this out.” I feel so proud of myself.

Just two days after blogging about stress management, I walk into English and that post is up on the screen. Of course. Trust my science teacher to share the link to our blog with other teachers. I react the same way I did last time, but English is after lunch so I have to wait until I get home before I can tell Claire.

As soon as I do, Claire freaks out and starts telling me that it happened to her too! She was in math and one of her posts on time management was on the screen. We decide to video chat. “What is happening?” I say “How is this even possible?” ” I don’t know,” Claire replies ” but I think we have to tell your parents before this is shared throughout the entire community and before we meet Aqua.” “Okay.” I don’t want to tell anyone but my parents would find out sooner or later and I’d rather tell them to avoid getting in any trouble.

The next day is Saturday. I hear my phone go off before I am even fully awake. It’s Claire.

Can you come to the door? I’m outside.

I go downstairs and let her in. No one else is awake yet but my parents won’t mind. “We’re telling them today.” Claire says. ” We are meeting Aqua at the mall next weekend and they have to know before then.” I nod in agreement. A little while later my parents wake up and Claire and I sit down at the kitchen table across from them. Claire has the blog pulled up on her phone which she hands to my mom. It is our first two posts and after five agonizing minutes, my mom puts down the phone and says,” Okay, I figured it out. Just promise me you’ll be safe and you can continue writing” I promise. I feel as though a massive weight has been lifted from my shoulders. My parents know and they are perfectly okay with Claire and I running our blog. We told them everything after that. About school and our plans to meet Aqua and they were fine with all of it.

The week drags on and on. After telling my parents about the blog, I feel much better when I post everyday. There is no longer a need to worry about saying to much about a specific situation because my parents may be able to tell it was me.

I sit in science on the last day of school before break. I finished my test 10 minutes ago. I have always loved science and I’ve always been pretty good at it too. I stare blankly at the clock and think about how much longer I have left until I can go home. Just an hour and a half left. Tomorrow, Claire and I are going to the mall and we will meet Aqua. I’m so excited. Finally the teacher comes around to collect the tests and tells us to have a good break. The bell rings and I head off to lunch. Claire catches up with me in the hall and grabs my backpack to slow me down. ” Hey are you excited for tomorrow ? I can’t believe this is really happening!”

I wake up bright and early the next morning. Within an hour Claire’s at my front door and we’re ready to go. We wait for Aqua to tell us that she is at the mall and head off. It doesn’t seem real. We finally make it. We go inside and wait in the food court where we told her to meet us. After three minutes, I spot her. We rush over and I tap her shoulder, ” Are you Aqua?” I ask nervously. “Claire? Brooklyn?” She says. We nod and she pulls us into a group hug.We spend the day at the mall with Aqua, who’s real name is Maxine, and I couldn’t be happier. Claire and I both agree that we have made a new, lifelong friendship.

As you can probably tell, the majority of it is based off of the experience Liss and I have had blogging. I hope you actually enjoyed this story because I am proud of it, no matter what that stupid publishing company had to say.

See ya soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Author: lyssndani

hey welcome to our blog! We are formally known as Alyssa and Danielle but on here you can call u Lyss and Dani. We usually blog when we can and when we do it’s usually some bullshit. But it’s our bullshit that we would love to share with you, welcome to the club!!

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