So today I woke up sore sore and more sore. I ran 3 miles in 2 days and counting today it is now 5miles. Today went by fast considering it’s Friday(YA) and the highlight of my day happened in track and it might seem a little ridiculous to you but It filled me with determination and happiness.

So we were running our last 2 laps around the track and I wanted to stop and walk for the last half when I see this boy, (My nickname for him is mets with Laura and I have a crush on him 🙂 ) Mets and he is running and I watch him with his friends. He turns around to encourage his friend and sees me running and goes,

“Go, Liss!” And he pumps his fist in the air. While I barely breathing sweating to death raise up my arm and go


And that little thing made me smile so much and I sprinted the last half of the track. It’ funny how the smallest things make me work so hard. And the reason I am like having a seizure over this is because we talked briefly before and for him to encourage me made me smile inside out.

Today my math quiz and French quiz were super easy, I got a 28/30 on my math. And, there are 10 more days until my birthday and apparently so is AKA the Author’s as well! Check her blog out right over here!

And I am still smiling. I feel like I am on cloud 9. Dani if you are reading this feel better ❤

Good night/day love you all

~Liss ❤ 🙂



2 thoughts on “Determination

  1. AKA The Author 08/01/15 / 10:24p04

    I’m so excited, I just can’t hide it xD I love sharing birthdays with people I actually like


    • lissndani 08/01/15 / 10:24p04

      I know I have never heard of anyone sharing the same birthday as me and I am literally jumping with joy XD 🙂 ❤ ~Liss

      Liked by 1 person

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