Top 5!

Okay okay okay so it’s Liss and today I had a track meet and I did Long Jump and came in top 5!!! I got 11’1 and I feel great! And due to a recent convo with my friends I realized that if it weren’t for them i would not be the person I am today,

I probably would have never became so confident and accepting of myself with out them, I would not be trying to make people laugh all the time, I would not have created this blog. I just feel amazing that I have such amazing, understanding people in my life and that includes y’all

I just have been really grateful and thinking about this lately.  I feel blessed to be surrounded by such awesome people and just wanted to get that out there. I feel like a happier person and they’ve made me be so happy even when I am not with them. Just over a simple text convo I feel so amazing now.

But yeah I wanted to just put that out there, no need to get all deep or anything but yeah!

I went into Extra Help for Chorus today an basically as I was walking in I realized what if that kid who asked me out is here, he comes a lot in the morning..Nah, as I say this to myself he climbs outta his car and i run inside and sit next to Angel and he just watches me which is super creepy. But I went to chorus and sang through my song and I found out that tomorrow she is announcing who gets solos in our spring concert! I am so nervous but also exited. EEKK!

Okie dokie I gotta go because i have two tests tomorrow,French and Math so nite!



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