I Will Be Okay

Hey guys welcome back. So i didn’t blog yesterday because I had an orchestra concert and a tech project and I was super tired but I’m here now! I’m alive, okay?

But yeah last night was my concert for orchestra which I really enjoyed. I had a lot of fun and everything sounded beautiful.

as far as my tech project I had been really stressed over it but I did manage to get it done  so I am proud of myself.

I am also proud to say that I am getting back on top of things slowly. I am managing my school work and I am going to clean my room, etc.

I don’t know if I’ve talked about this too much but since March I’ve been volunteering at an after school program for preschoolers. I have a lot of fun there but I will go into more detail in a future post.

For now that’s about all I have to say. I want to get back into writing posts that focus on one topic, rather than telling you about my boring life everyday.

Thanks for reading.

See ya soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Author: lyssndani

hey welcome to our blog! We are formally known as Alyssa and Danielle but on here you can call u Lyss and Dani. We usually blog when we can and when we do it’s usually some bullshit. But it’s our bullshit that we would love to share with you, welcome to the club!!

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