Technical Difficulties


So hey guys I’m back which is weird to say but I have been having wifi difficulties the past hmm 6 days and it has sucked. But even if my wifi was working i wouldn’t have been able to blog either because I have been super busy preparing and studying for finals so here’s what I am proposing an excused week or two from blogging while I study and take the finals and I will put a blog in once in a while and schedule things. I think I can say the same for dani when I say that we can’t balance studying homework extra curricular blog etc. in this next week. So I will let you all know when this goes into action

Well when I have been gone I have done a singing thing over the weekend which was scored out of 28 and I got a 27!! Yay! And I am super surprised because I froze up right in the middle of sight reading and just whoa.

Speaking of singing in my concert I got a solo and yesterday I was late so when I got to my concert she gave my solo away.. So I came in and I got a sliver of it back. But a solo is a solo but everyone was like 


I thought I was gonna die on the spot because just everyone was like 


But over this week nothing really happened I have just been studying and taking quizzes and I have my French speaking final June 1-3 and I am so nervous because we have 5 chapters and I don’t know which one I’m talking about. AH.

Speaking of French the French exchange left and so did French Jesus. I think it’s good he did because he had a girlfriend so it wouldn’t have worked out even if he wanted it to 😉

That’s all pretty much today I have a meet for track and then a softball game which is literally the same thing I did yesterday but plus the concert I didn’t get to blog because I was up until 1 doing homework and studying. 

We have my county meet June 2nd and our pizza party June 1st! But I also have my art show June 1st! So jammed packed as you can see. 

So I will let you know when my week starts and have a good day



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