It is all about confidence

Hi guys it’s Liss the one who wrote blogs and took a break, still on break but i thought i would just check in and talk a little. And, I saw Dani and many other bloggers do this and that is I am gonna talk about my body and such~

My body is.. how do I put this I am not fat but i’m not skinny. I am about average and I am pretty content but sometimes I get so down on myself. Yeah I can fit into a size 2 and apparently to some I seem confident but god oh god I am so insecure. And, you know when someone says something to you, good or bad? And, how it just sticks with you and stays with you? I have had some bad experiences in elementary school and even after years to come, I am still hung up over the fact that people have said mean shit to mean. To be blunt. And I try try try to be confident and project myself as this confident, funny girl but I feel like sometimes I am too annoying or too stubborn, or my voice annoys people and I am so insecure about my laugh. I cover my mouth when I laugh because someone has said my face looks so weird when I laugh. Truth be told shit happens, and I am carrying on. I took a vow sometime in elementary school to try to make people happy around me and just be that person people can go to if they have a problem. And because of that I believe so many people whenever they have problems come talk to me, even today I had a girl open up to me about overdoing drugs, family problems, abuse and I just wanted to help her. I am like the therapist in my group of friends people can talk to me i think. And some stuff I know you guys wouldn’t believe. I know i am going off task but my point is I feel happy even in my darkest moments I fake my confidence until I can gain some of my own

As long as we are on this topic I do wonder if anyone likes me, truly I wonder that all the time. Am i pretty? Does anyone like me? Am I appealing in anyway? I have no clue but to me I am pretty yeah I have liked boys who probably won’t like me but as long as i like me that’s all that matters.

My advice to everyone out there, it’s all about confidence, take it from me it’s really hard to be confident I know I get skiddish and shy around people i don’t know but then sometimes my whole purpose is to make those people laugh so it could be my first impression. Just fake that confidence and it doesn’t have to be a fast rapid progress it takes time just stay strong and if you ever feel low me and Dani are here,

And Dani I am here to help I promise I will get any boys who like you right now to get them to tell you by 8th grade and that’s what I am deciding right now so text me when you’re ready

Have a lovely day and good luck on finals hope this blog helped anyone

~Liss 🙂


2 thoughts on “It is all about confidence

  1. lifewithdannielle 08/01/15 / 10:24p06

    “Fake it till you make it” That is indeed kind of what I am doing with my confidence as well. I act like I am confident, in fact, I get nervous about everything and doubt compliments that someone gives me. But one day, I will get confident!

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    • lissndani 08/01/15 / 10:24p06

      Same here I am like that so much but that’s how it is and we all have to fake it until we make it😂 -Liss ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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