Scratch that 

Actually I’m pretty happy because ya know that date thingy and how it’s set to 8/1 well it’s 8/1 and we don’t know how to fix it so ta da! 

Regarding the title I have a bit of a problem and I because of it I won’t be cleaning today I guess but I am going to get a new phone case. I guess I should explain what happened though 

Okay So back when softball started it started to act up and I had problems with my thumb and wrist on that hand so I got it x rayed a few months back and they said it was sprained so the pain went away then It came back like on Thursday and yesterday I couldn’t move it because it hurts so much and I can’t move it and right now still like I can’t even move it back and forth it hurts so much and yes that is my dog in the background 🙂 his name is Sammy I love himmmmm ❤

But I thought I should let you all know because why not you guys are like family to me haha

Anyways gotta blast



Author: lyssndani

hey welcome to our blog! We are formally known as Alyssa and Danielle but on here you can call u Lyss and Dani. We usually blog when we can and when we do it’s usually some bullshit. But it’s our bullshit that we would love to share with you, welcome to the club!!

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