Scratch that 

Actually I’m pretty happy because ya know that date thingy and how it’s set to 8/1 well it’s 8/1 and we don’t know how to fix it so ta da! 

Regarding the title I have a bit of a problem and I because of it I won’t be cleaning today I guess but I am going to get a new phone case. I guess I should explain what happened though 

Okay So back when softball started it started to act up and I had problems with my thumb and wrist on that hand so I got it x rayed a few months back and they said it was sprained so the pain went away then It came back like on Thursday and yesterday I couldn’t move it because it hurts so much and I can’t move it and right now still like I can’t even move it back and forth it hurts so much and yes that is my dog in the background 🙂 his name is Sammy I love himmmmm ❤

But I thought I should let you all know because why not you guys are like family to me haha

Anyways gotta blast



One thought on “Scratch that 

  1. Em is Lost 08/01/15 / 10:24p08

    Hope you’re arm gets better soon and your dog is so cute!


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