My story! Pt.1


Hey guys as promised today I will reveal the first part of my short story, Dani loves it and let me say I am very into it as well. Before we go into it I have to say that today I went on an amazing hike with Dani and I have pictures! 

May I sugguest not picking up a cactus with bare hands even if it doesn’t look like it has thorns because it does I leaned from my thorny experience today. Anyways here I the first part of my short story-

My eyes flutter open taking in my surroundings, I’m in my bed, with my posters scattered on the wall, record player sitting in the corner collecting dust. My one pink wall stared back at me. Oh how I wanted to change the color because I couldn’t do anything with that wall. Or at least I couldn’t figure it out. But I get up and try to be cheery despite the day. 
My calendar stared back at me as I walked to my dresser. My calendar said, today’s the day you lazy lard get up and go to hell . But now was not the time to do anything, it was September 1st. The day I have resented since the first day of summer had arrived, because today school started. I had to be there at 7:00 and it was now 6:07. 
I threw my hair up in a ponytail, threw on my sweatshirt, slipped on some jean shorts, and my sandals. I put on some makeup and smiled into the mirror, and I was off.
I threw on my backpack and headed into the kitchen. I grabbed the first thing I saw and bolted out the door to my matchbox car. It wasn’t the best, but it worked. On my way I called my best friend Lilly to see if she needed a ride, and as always she replied with 
“uh duh”
I arrive at her house and honk the horn telling her I’m here. She opens the door wearing her hair half up, a scrawny fitted tank top, cut off jean shorts, and converse. Her makeup is done so detailed it looks like a professional could’ve done it. I suddenly fidget a bit seeing her and then think of what I put on. But I don’t let it bother me, she opens the door,
“Heyo what’s up?”
“Nothing much, ready for hell?”
“Oh I’m ready but the question is, are you ready to see your boo Aly? I heard that he’s officially single!”
I then Turn up the volume of the radio while my favorite singer Martina McBride played, mid way of jamming out to my country song she changes the station and I hit her arm and she hits me back. 
“That was my song! What the hell?”
“You have to listen to better music or else no one will want to hang out with someone who has country shiz blasting in their ears. Who even likes country?”
“Me..” I murmur to myself and smirk.
she laughs and we pull in. Lilly gets out of the car and I feel so small her 5 6″ frame towering over my 5 3″. 
Walking in we met up with our friends Angela, Kara, and Deena.

Angela was a pretty girl with brown hair and green eyes she was around my height and very likable. And she was single like me so we liked to tease the others about their boys with the help of kara.
Kara was shorter with black hair and brown eyes also very pretty. She too was around my height and had a great sense of humor. And that’s why she helped us in having our fun with the girls.
Deena was tall with brown hair and brown eyes and she was also very very pretty. 
You would think that wouldnt make a difference in my school me Alyson Toppleton short, compared to tha tall and gorgeous Deena in a contest of who is getting asked out? Deena wins. It’s true, when I tell you Deena got asked out at least 18 times in May after her big brake up would you believe me? We have the Same color hair and eyes and get mistaken for sisters all the time but she gets asked out and loved by everyone. And when I asked her how she did she would smile pat my head and joke,
“You’ll figure it out when you’re older you silly little sister of mine!”
And she would burst out laughing and I couldn’t help but laugh too.
But we walk in and Kara and Angela head to their lockers. Leaving me Lilly and Deena walking down the halls. 

I see George McCloy trudging down the hallway to Deena,
“Deena, babe com’on you gotta have some forgiveness in your heart, it’s been a whole summer.”
“Don’t call me babe, and I told you before school ended we were through. Pig”
And she struts past him. That’s it for now I guess and we walk past him. He stands arms crossed steam practically blowing out from his ears. 
You see last year before school ended George and Deena were a couple. 1 year if you can see it. And then Deena saw George making out with another girl in the parking lot. She had no clue who it was and when George claimed he has no clue who it was either they broke up and George wanted Deena back so bad. 

After calls and texts and letters over the summer apologizing and begging. He thinks she is this black hole of no forgiveness now but what he doesn’t know is that Deena cried and cried all July because she was in love with him. And now nothing would change her mind.
Lilly sees her boyfriend Michael across the way and he takes her hand and they walk and talk seeing as they haven’t really seen each other all summer. She waves to me bye and I wave back.
Then it’s just me at my locker. I try at least 4 times before it opens with a creak. I pile my binders in and grab my folder, I had English first period. I close it and see him. Leo Hurtsway Dreamboat of the school I swear he came back looking even better this year. He had just broken up with his girlfriend of 2 years during the summer and was officially single. He was up for grabs and I was ready. He walked past me staring and smiles and I say to myself,
‘Did. He. Just. Smile. At. You.’
I scurry away thinking of his freckles and chestnut hair my face turning red,
“Keep it together Aly..”
In English my teacher announces she will be assigning permanent seats for the year i groan but take it. I get seated in back of a boy I’ve only seen once last year in my foreign language class. His name is Jace. I’ve heard many things about Jace. About his “player” ways and how he only hurts people. I’ve heard about how he’s told girls he loved them then the next day broke their hearts. How he tried to get into every type of girls pants. I knew it all. And to top it all off he’s dated almost every girl in school once. The same a Jace then turns to me,
“Hey, Alex? Right?”
“Oh yeah hey”
He smiles at me and turns away abruptly, okay, I think to myself.
After class I get up and he turns to me again making some what of small talk,
“So I’ve seen you around just like never really talked to you.. Have you ever seen me around?”
” I have and I was in your language class last year?”
“I don’t really remember but whatever makes you happy Angel”
He smiles and walks out, ew did he just try to flirt with me? No way, I brush it off , he probably is just friendly like that? But I’ve heard stories and that’s not rea- ,

I crash into someone and my folder i was carrying flies out of my hand and the papers cover the floor. 
“Oh my god I’m so sorry I wasn’t paying attention”
I start picking up the papers and so does the person I bumped into.
“It’s okay..really.”
Wait I know that voice. I look up and Leo Hurtsway is staring back at me-
To be continued…

And yes it has no name yet I am still working out the details! And I will see where this takes me I hope you all enjoyed this blog and see you guys tomorrow!



Author: lyssndani

hey welcome to our blog! We are formally known as Alyssa and Danielle but on here you can call u Lyss and Dani. We usually blog when we can and when we do it’s usually some bullshit. But it’s our bullshit that we would love to share with you, welcome to the club!!

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