Short Story Part 2


Today I spent cleaning and hung out with Angela and Laura, me and Laura watched Me Earl and the Dying Girl and I ended up in tears. And my mom barged in and watched to and questioned everything about the movie but cried and loved it too. So my mom approved! Anyways here’s the second part of my story,

He hands me my folder and my cheeks feel like they’re on fire. I hope he doesn’t notice.
“What’s your name I’ve seen you around before.”
“Alyson but I go by Aly.”
He smiles and hands me the last of my supplies,
“Well I’m sure this isn’t the last time we’ll meet Aly so I’ll see you around”
He winks and walks away.
I rush to my last class before lunch attempting not to be late. And the bell rings as I walk in. The only open seat is next to Jace. I sigh and think about how confusing this day was. And It’s only the first day back
“Hey Aly.”
“It’s Alyson.”
“Not to Leo it wasn’t”
My cheeks feel hot again,
“You saw that?”
“It was in the middle of the hallway of course I saw it.”
He turns himself to me and I feel my face fill with color,
“Hm Aly little tip for you,”
He gets closer and i feel my cheeks once again go aflame
“If you like a guy you shouldn’t blush furiously every time he speaks to you. But the odds are in your favor here because you’re cute when you’re flustered, like right now.”
He smiles and turns away
Before I can say anything snarky or say anything at all the teacher sends me a look that says ‘detention’ written all over it.
When class ended I pushed past Jace to get to my table. My friends and I had sat at the same table for all the years we were here it was in the center of the cafeteria and I was the first one to get there.
“Com’on Lilly, Deena, Kara someone..”
I see Lilly come out from the hallway talking to some girls laughing but she sees me and sees how I’m standing there she knows I have to clear my mind. She basically runs over. 
“What. Happened.”
I explain everything from Leo to Jace. And she nods as Deena and Adriana walk over. Angela walks over from the other entrance. And when they ask Lilly explains. 
“Holy crap, Jace likes you and Leo does too.”
Deena concludes,
“I-I can’t be sure like what if they just wanna be friends.”
“Bull one of them wants you if not both,”
We turn to Angela,
“What they do!”
“It’s the first day I just need some time because right now I wanna eat.” I say which ends the conversation for now. 
I walk over to the deli line and order a sandwich, I go to pay and I feel someone’s eyes on me. I turn and see Jace Staring at me, I walk away and realize where his eyes are. And I walk a bit faster.
The rest of the day is slow until it is Art eighth period I walk in and see a smiling Leo sitting and talking excitedly to what seems like his friend and I sit down awkwardly next to a random girl. And the teacher says she will be letting us pick our seats permanently. I cross my fingers that he is next to me.
“Now the tables must be like this, boy next to girl, for example Alyson who I had last year who I don’t mean to put on the spot but was my top student last year. Next to say..”
She turns to Leo,
“What’s your name sweetheart?”
“Leonardo Hurtsway but I go by Leo.”
“Next to say Leo, And the same goes for everyone else. Now figure out where you’re going to sit”
I take a seat next to the window and pray a weirdo doesn’t sit next to me.
“Hey.. Can I sit here like she used us in the demonstration? Haha”
I look up to see two hazel eyes and a freckled face smile staring back at me.
I smile sweetly and try not to explode from happiness,
The teacher explains her materials won’t be in until tomorrow so we can free draw and brainstorm our portfolio. I grab paper and pencils and get to work I decide on drawing simply two eyes until half way I catch Leo staring at me and back to his drawing staring at me back to his drawing. He covers his paper and I figure out what he’s doing or I think I know what he’s doing. I do the same thing and it turns into staring at him and his features for just a second too long.
“So you know what I’m doing?”
He smirks and I say knowingly.
“I think I did the same thing if I’m not mistaken or at least something similar”
“Alright then on three we reveal,”

To be continued..

Yes! It’s a cliffhanger sorry haha! But today I got my home room assignment a dos far I don’t know anyone in my home room which sucks. That’s all though hope you enjoyed 



Author: lyssndani

hey welcome to our blog! We are formally known as Alyssa and Danielle but on here you can call u Lyss and Dani. We usually blog when we can and when we do it’s usually some bullshit. But it’s our bullshit that we would love to share with you, welcome to the club!!

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