Haul for school!


First off happy birthday to my baby bro! 7 years strong today! And now onto the blog,

Now normally I wouldn’t be this excited for school but this year is going to be different. No cringe, and no older kids boss in us around plus the fact I got new clothes! Dani and I went shopping and it went really really well. I will show you guys the haul in a second just I am so excited for school and seeing people I haven’t seen all year and just this being my last year and all I want this to be pretty damn awesome. What I got was two camis light greenish whiteish and yellow, I got this Maroon bomber jacket which I am in love with, this cute shirt with stripes, black jeans, and these super duper soft joggers that I put on and was too lazy to take off for the photo –

Got these two camis from forever 21 and they are amazing and only $2 each!

This jacket is also from forever 21 I love it so much and it was $25 compare to $50 in most stores!

I got this shirt from H&M and honestly I think it is so cute for $3 money well spent.

These joggers are the most cozy pants ever for sleep or to hang around they give me LIFE. From Aeropostale $16. 
These pants are really cute from target $27 pricey but worth it.

These candles oh my god I love love love these BBW $12 and I got Sweater Weather, Autumn, and Leaves which all smell like heaven. And remind me of Lake George which may I add I miss dearly.

Like I said this year is gonna be pretty freaking awesome. I am on my way to Long Island at the moment and yep thats all for now! Byyyeeee



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