Hey guys welcome back. So I feel like I am really going to be close with my English teacher this year. As you already know, we’ve so far bonded over books. However this weekend she gave us an assignment which was basically to create and outline for a “Getting To Know Me” letter.

I found myself very comfortable writing out all these things about myself and at one point, I even felt like I was writing a blog post. I wasn’t writing in the same formal way I would’ve written last year, but more in the casual tone I use to talk to my friends.

At the end of it I was even tempted to write “Thanks for reading and have a great rest of your day or night.”

She has just made me feel so comfortable so far. The way she speaks to her students it feels like she is less of a teacher and more of a peer. She was very understanding and kind to us. Because I am in the enriched class I expected her to be very “Oh you guys are the smart kids so i expect more from you. You should be putting in twice the effort. BLAH BLAH BLAH!”

But I was very surprised to find this wasn’t the case. She treated us like ordinary students and just said that all she expects is that we enjoy reading.

Back to the letter though, I was so comfortable in fact that I even wrote about The Underground. Which is something I normally wouldn’t bring up in real life because it could lead those people here, which I don’t want.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed reading this little post. I will do my best to keep you posted on this little situation. Thanks for reading and have a great rest of your day or night.

See ya soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Author: lyssndani

hey welcome to our blog! We are formally known as Alyssa and Danielle but on here you can call u Lyss and Dani. We usually blog when we can and when we do it’s usually some bullshit. But it’s our bullshit that we would love to share with you, welcome to the club!!

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