My post didn’t go up


Hey guys so I’m sick at the moment and I can’t stop coughing. Like it’s almost impossible for me I have a tickle in my throat and whenever I try to stop it starts to grow and this urge to cough starts again. It’s like a cycle and both my parents advised I shouldn’t go to school but there is no way I am messing up my spotless record right now in the beginning of the year for a stupid cough. hell no.

On a serious note I had so much homework over the weekend and I was so stressed that I have had more stress in two weeks than my whole life at this moment. And I’m actually torn between staying home. I mean really will one day kill me? Yes yes it will and my record is spotless and ugh life is hard and I’m so indecisive. Ya know what I’m gonna stay home if I’m sick I’m sick and I’m sick. 

*sigh* there goes my spotless record

😉 anyways I should rest a bit but hope your day is goes good!



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