I KNOW What I Need


Hey guys, welcome back. So it’s currently 7:55 AM and I should be getting ready for school but I haven’t even eaten breakfast yet. I can’t. I absolutely cannot bring myself to leave the house.

My mind is just too crazy right now and the thought of going anywhere is bringing me close to a panic attack.

My parents keep telling me they’ll drive me into school a little late and it’ll be okay. “You have to try” but I know for a fact that that won’t make things better. If anything all that would do is cause me to embarrassingly have a panic attack in the middle of class.

need to stay home today. I would never be able to learn if my mind was like this. I know because I’ve tried to go to school like this a hundred times and it always ends the same. With me in the nurse’s office in tears before lunch.

My parents keep trying to convince me that I’ll feel better after school but school is the worst thing for me right now.

I don’t know what to do. I need a day to sort out my mind but my parents aren’t willing to give me that.

See ya soon!!!




Where I Went


Hey guys, welcome back. So this’ll be kind of a short post because it’s really late and I need to go to bed

I haven’t posted for a few days and my little break happened quite abruptly. I have you no warning because I didn’t know I was going to take a break.

Theres no excuse. I just haven’t posted.

Today has been awful. I’ve been sobbing the whole day and it’s just been a situation very similar to one I was in about a month and a half ago which you can see in this post.

Its still school, it’s still terrible, but I’ll spare you because I’ve already talked about the things about school that bother me.

I’m going to get back into it starting tomorrow. Lyss will be back soon

See ya soon!!!



I Don’t Know If I’ve Ever Been This Tired


Hey guys, welcome back. Something I haven’t really touched on in a bit is how I’m feeling about the loss of my pet, Crystal. I talked about it the day it happened and the day after but if I’m honest I’ve been completely thrown off my tracks.

For the remainder of last week after she died I felt myself almost crying in several classes. A lot of my teachers give us too much time to complete assignments and if I finish to quickly I have ten minutes alon with my thoughts.

That idea scared me last week.

I was worried that I would start crying in the middle of math class and embarss myself. Luckily that didn’t happen but it still drove me crazy. I didn’t want to think of her because I knew if I did ther was a good chance I’d cry.

Since she passed, I’ve kinda let everything go. I’ve been doing homework way too late at night, I haven’t slept enough, exercised, I’ve ate absolute crap.

I’m physically exhausted. Not a day has gone by where I don’t feel sad. Everytije I have to feed the other guinea pigs, I’m reminded that there’s one missing, and I’ll never get her back.

Im just so tired.

See ya soon!!!



Life Update


I haven’t done this in… a while and for that I apologize, It’s Lyss and I am overwhelmed to the limit.

School- tests, projects, annoying teachers, the play I’m in and so much reading. I have to study every night like no one’s business and legit I need to balance all my classes

Friends- I am trying to be witty, and have good comebacks but it’s hard when I have so much stress being taken over on me and I take it out on people sometimes and I feel like the biggest asshole ever

Family- I feel like I’ve been to isolated from my family lately because I’ve been too obsessed with trying to make it right with my friends by being “funny” on facetime and stuff, and my family legit thinks I am a hermit

“Lovelife”- So um this guy who claims he doesn’t have a crush on me, M A, who I went away with to Quebec and you’ll all get the whole story but basically he was ALMOST my first kiss, and he has been flirting with me for the past week or so and giving me compliments. I am so stressed with trying to tone that down and sort my feelings and it’s been crazy

Myself- I have been so stressed lately but I haven’t been getting much sleep, or anything and I procrastinate which makes things worse and then I throw myself a pity party and drag everyone down with me and I’m just tired of it..

Starting tomorrow I blog everyday(no joke), I sort my feelings and tone that kid down 10 notches, I am gonna be salty-free starting tomorrow, eat healthy, catch up on sleep, make amends with my family and start being myself again.

Because lately I’ve felt as if I have become someone else..

Thank you all for being so understanding and I apologize for the rant I had to get it out.

-Lyss ❤

I Finally Got An iPhone


Hey guys, welcome back. So today I finally got an iPhone! Yay!!!

Im just happy because now I don’t have to be embarrassed to take my phone out to text someone. I had a phone before but it was a really old style with that sliding keyboard thing.

Now, don’t get me wrong I was super grateful to have it but you know, I’m a spoiled brat so it could’ve been better.

As an early birthday present my mom got me a phone. Which also means I can have social media now but I don’t know if I’ll tell you guys about that yet. We’ll see.

My phone is currently the iPhone 7 in rose gold but my mom kinda messed up and got my 128 GB which is quite unessecary. Besides I’d prefer the 6s anyway so tomorrow we’re going to exchange it.

I do have somewhere to be immediately after school so that means my mom is going to pick me up early and I can miss gym.

Lyss and I don’t have school Thursday and Friday because of thanksgiving break and I believe Lyss will be posting then. (If I have anything to say about it. Jk, jk.) she really does want to get back into the swing of things but she got the worst teachers this year so she is up till 10:30 just doing homework every night. Please be patient with her.

See ya soon!!!



The Pressure To “Glow” Up


Hey guys, welcome back. SHHH! It most definitely is not 12:45 AM on a Sunday night as I write this. PFFFTTT, who do you think I am? Now quiet before you wake my parents….

Recently I’ve noticed that my friends are quite obsessed with this phenomenon known as “The ‘Glow’ Up”. And through my extensive scientific research ( AKA creepily intently listening in on all their conversations), I’ve come to the conclusion that the “glow” up is something that occurs between middle and high school where everyone gets super good-looking.

Now, before late last year I had never even heard of this and that’s probably because none of the guys in my school are all that good-looking to begin with. I mean, yeah sure, there are a few that all the girls go crazy for but I don’t know, I guess even if they are okay looking I know they’re all mostly jerks anyway.

However, now that I know about this, I’ve started to wonder.

That’s a lot of pressure to put on a person. I can’t just leave all the work to puberty and hope for the best. NO! That’s not how this works. I have to start putting effort into my appearance? Is that what your telling me. Hair and makeup? What do you mean?! Ponytail and clean face for life!

But if I don’t do anything and every other girl gets super pretty over the summer, than I’m just gonna be way uglier by comparison! So this isn’t really a fair system now is it.

Ugh, I guess I could start small. You know just let my hair down once in a while and put on some mascara. Maybe not where sweatshirts 24/7. But overall, I’m pretty okay with my appearance. I honestly don’t care enough to put the extra effort in that other girls do. I know some girls who spend an hour getting ready for school. I spend literally 20 minutes getting ready which I’m okay with, I like the extra sleep thank you.

Do you have any experience with “The ‘Glow’ Up”? Is it real? Will everyone in my high school be really good looking all of a sudden or will we all still be potatoes? My guess is the second one.

See ya soon!!!



My Ramblings Of Gym Class


Hey guys, welcome back. So I hate gym. That’s a standard thing, something I’ve mentioned before. But this year is especially bad.

Im pretty sure I have the worst class in he entire school. Take a moment, you know all those super popular jerks in your school? You know how they all seem to be best friends and they act insane? Now put all of them into one room, add 30 girls, picture them all in uniforms playing sports. That’s my gym class.

I can’t deal with it. They are all so annoying and they think that they can just do whatever they want. For most sports we meet for attendance and then girls and boys split. But we’re playing volleyball and for whatever reason, they don’t split us for that.

Personally I think co-Ed gym in extremely unfair. Especially once there are teenagers involved. The boys play way too rough and the amount of girls who have gotten hurt during games with the boys is through the roof.

Just today my group’s volleyball rolled kinda far away so I went to go get it. I picked it up and then BAM! Someone’s ball hit me in the back of the head. For a second my eyes go black and I feel dizzy but luckily I don’t pass out. I turned around to see a group red-faced, giggling nervously, and looking in my direction.

I’m okay now but the whole situation just makes all of us girls so uncomfortable. During swimming, arguably the worst unit, we were all happy because we weren’t with the boys. The boys don’t really talk to me which I am so grateful for, but they torment the girls around me like there’s no tomorrow.

What are your thoughts on gym class? Does your school do co-Ed gym?

See ya soon!!!