All I Can Do Is Try


Hey guys, welcome back. Today I had my first piano recital and I think it went okay. I played Away In A Manger and Joy To The World.

My anxiey was absolutely through the roof. So much so that as I put my hands on the keys to get ready to play I was actually shaking.

Other than that, I’m already freaking out about Monday. I promised my conselour that I would go to science class Monday which scares me. There are so many people in that class that I have multiple classes with and there is no way they haven’t noticed that I’m in some classes and not others.

Tech is also really freaking me out. There’s so much I have to make up and catch-up on and break is approaching fast. Midway through January I stop taking that class. It’s not the most important grade but it’s still a grade.

I honestly don’t know how I’m going to get through this week. I feel so bad that I haven’t posted The Underground in so long, I’m so sorry the quality of my posts has declined. I just hope you understand that my head is really out of sorts right now. I know that nobody would actually comment saying that they’re mad at me and nobody probably even is. I just can’t help but worry.

See ya soon!!!




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