Our Prayers Are With You


Hey guys, welcome back. I’m sorry I haven’t posted. I got logged out of WordPress and while trying to log back in it wasn’t letting me. And instead of being a normal person and asking Lyss to confirm our username and password, I just didn’t do anything.

But I finally got logged in today and as I logged in I was sitting on the couch and watching the news. Just as I logged in I saw the story about the attack in London and I feel like it’s wrong to post today. I’m not going to talk about anything happening with me, I’m not going to rant and talk about happy things and pretend nothing happened.

I’ve checked as many people’s twitters as possible trying to make sure everyone is okay but please if you’re in the London area, let us know that you’re alright.

My thoughts and prayers are with all those effected by this horrible tragedy. ❤️❤️

See ya soon!!!





Author: lyssndani

hey welcome to our blog! We are formally known as Alyssa and Danielle but on here you can call u Lyss and Dani. We usually blog when we can and when we do it’s usually some bullshit. But it’s our bullshit that we would love to share with you, welcome to the club!!

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