The Thoughts I Had During Tutoring


Hey guys, welcome back. So today I was sitting with my math tutor and I was having quite a few thoughts during our session and at one point I thought, hey this might just make for a good blog post (but realistically probably not). But despite that little voice saying that this is so dumb and it will literally probably get one like, screw it! I’m doing it anyway. Side note, I’m feeling quite sassy today and I’m not sure why.

The Thoughts I Had While I Probably Should’ve Been Paying Attention To My Math Tutor:

*door bell* 

Oh gosh, she’s here. Alright deep breathe. Act natural. Why are you nervous? She’s just some sweet old lady here to tell you about equations.

Did I do what? More of the packet? Girl, we cancelled you last week for a reason. I was there during the call my mother literally told you I was feeling so sick I couldn’t walk down the hallway on my own. 

Y=mx+b. You know you make that seem so simple. But I don’t get how I got that wrong. The x is right there! You mean to tell me that this x is not the x you were looking for? Please explain to me again how the x in this equation is not the same as the x in your line. 

Am I bad at math? I didn’t think I was that bad. 

Wait, wait, wait. Slow down! You just skipped like 5 pages! Don’t I need that stuff?! Calm yourself! 

You know you keep saying the words “very obviously” but I don’t think you realize that none of this is obvious to me. I’ve never seen any of these terms ever in my life. 

I have to do what exactly? Explain that again because I think you’re getting a little ahead of yourself. Weren’t we just working with all these different lines and now there are no more lines? Where’d the coordinate plane go? How do I solve these without graphing them?! This is like some next level thinking skill! 

*Body almost forcibly ejects lungs in shock* Did you just ask if I’d be ready for the test next week?! We’ve gone through half a packet and all I’ve done is sit here and listen to you narrate the equations that you’re solving in my packet! Shouldn’t I be doing some of this work? You only gave me two pages for homework, I don’t think that will prepare me for a test at all. I thought you were a teacher?! Don’t you know better than this?!

Look I really don’t want to know that I’ll be seeing this a lot more in high school. I’m already worried about high school enough considering this district is falling apart at the seems. Please do not add to that with this “very obvious” math. 

Come on it has to be one o’clock by now. *checks dining room clock* okay that time is wrong it is most definitely not 7 am. 

Alright im starting to shut down and I am not going to absorb anything else that you tell me but I have no idea how to communicate that to you or my dad who’s sitting in the next room so I am just going to sit here staring at the table nodding whenever you say something and hope you catch on. 

You’re not catching on!!

Oh okay, science now. Alright I like science. Maybe I’ll be okay with this. 

(My math tutor and science tutor are the same person by the way)

Did I do the study guide?! We already went over this! I didn’t do any of the math because I felt so sick I was afraid to move and now you’re asking if I did an entire study guide by myself?! Do you realize why you’re here? My brain is literally not functioning properly. It is very hard for me to do any work on my own. We explained this to you. Please tell me what you don’t understand about this and allow me to enlighten you. 

Alright this isn’t too bad I remember some of this stuff. Yeah I can work on it I guess. I find this interesting. 

Wait woah slow down! Look, it’s great that chapter 4 is on minerals. That’s fantastic. But can we please talk about chapters 1 & 2 first?! Also what happened to chapter 3?!! Is that not important? Will I not need that for the final? 

*Dad asks if I need a break* Yup, yes, I absolutely need at least a ten minute break. Good lord thank you for noticing. Oh wait, she’s leaving? *Huge sigh of relief* Thank you! Oh man I don’t know if I could’ve handled anymore. 

Yeah, yeah thanks for coming thanks for your help but please leave so I can have my mini mental breakdown and go hug my dog. 

Wow I just realized that this really makes it seem like I hate this tutor but I actually really like her. She just seems to think I’m not as far behind as I am/ I am understanding a lot more than I really am.

Well I hope you enjoyed whatever it is that I just wrote. Thanks for reading and have a great rest of your day or night.

See ya soon!!!




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hey welcome to our blog! We are formally known as Alyssa and Danielle but on here you can call u Lyss and Dani. We usually blog when we can and when we do it’s usually some bullshit. But it’s our bullshit that we would love to share with you, welcome to the club!!

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