Goldfish In the morning

i eating some rainbow goldfish and its 8:29 

I am really bored but listening to a good country song that my friend is playing.

 My bus is about to come any second but I just wanted to say u will get a blog today besides this!!



I met Tyler Oakley!

I just ran like a mile I think.(Probably not but who cares I’m healthy)

I’m dripping sweat because I ran none stop and I feel so hot and healthy. 

I started the 90 day challenge again today and it went great.

I got my run in 

I’m gonna “workout” later

I’m gonna eat a healthy dinner

I’m gonna get my homework done.

I’m gonna post a YouTube video later

I’m gonna look decent tomorrow for school

I’m gonna talk to my crush tomorrow

It’s sweet

But anyways I’m laying in bed blogging in a pool of sweat

I’m listening to Selena Gomez and I’m gonna do homework then read tyler oakleys book binge.




But that’s where I’m gonna end so I can do homework 



Here I am

so hey guys I’m in Long Island and it really is slow.


But that’s probably because it’s so close to seeing Tyler Oakley! 

WOOO hoooo! Tyler here me and dani come!

Tyler will probably put a restraining order on me when I give him a hug and don’t let me him go. Or fan girls will kill me and harass me.

But it’s worth it.

As far as the 90 day challenge is im starting today (AGAIN AGAIN)

My weekend was filled with junk food (ugh shoot me.)

So starting today i eat healthy!!!

I need food right now..

Okay I got set up with a apple.

Yum I love apples.

Even though im allergic to them,and snappeas, and raw carrots..

I hate my allergies. I’ll be simply chewing on a carrot and my body is like. 


And my teeth feel weird, my ear tingles, it’s really really weird.

Anyways, my aunt lives in an area with a bunch of feral cats and they are so cute and orange and tabby. 

There is Ethel,The long legs, Arnold,Simon,marmalade,red,the creep,chicken, and grey.(they are all tabbies except for grey, the creep, and chicken.)

But I walked out side yesterday and I just sat there on the front steps and pet them. And when I went inside and came back out, they heard the door and for another 5 minutes just petting Ethel, marmalade, and Simon.

This happened about 3 more times until I had to go to bed.

And now it’s 8:34 I’m so tired. 

Anyways that’s all
-Liss 🙂


man I’m so bummed..

My crush is going to a different high school than me. 😦

I’m really upset but now I got nothing to lose. I got awesome friends so who cares.

There will be more opportunities. And more fish in the sea.

But today was student council meeting and I’m officially running for president against this girl I absolute dislike with a passion. But good thing is that my crush and her went to the same school so she’s not going to my school


But tomorrow is picture day and I’m completely stumped about what to wear!

Either a maroon sweater with a black skater skirt high knee socks boots or a plain t shirt with a black cardigan jeans and boots

Help me!

That’s all 

-Liss 😛

Following up

hey guys I realized I don’t have enough capacity to write more than one or two blogs a day so I’m gonna stick to that. 

But I’m here to follow up on dani’s point.

Some days I will just stare and think to myself why is life so hard. But honestly life isn’t hard. It’s hard because I’m pretty spoiled to live under a roof, with food and water, to have a bed, to go to school, to see my crush everyday in English. The last ones not the point but.. 

This makes me realize how FRIKIN Lucky we are.

I’m not abused, im not starving, I’m not dying from thirst, I’m not working in a factory to pay off my family’s debts. I should be more grateful but right now I got to go to school!

I see if I can blog tonight



sorry I would’ve blogged but it was late and the second I got online my mom comes in and says, give me your iPad.

And I blog on my iPad so im sorry not my fault.

In all seriousness sorry really I am so you will get THREE TODAY,


I gotta go to school!

But definitely three today!

-Liss :() 

One more coming later

ehy so here’s the first blog and it’s telling you I gotta start the challenge over.. AGAIN.

But I have a good feeling about tomorrow I feel it.

And I got my Ariel costume and wig which I will send dani a picture of it.

But I need an idea so the next blog will be like a list type thing idk.

But I gotta finish French homework ugh.

But you got another blog coming so stay tuned!

-Liss 🙂

Wish me luck

Hey guys so today I had a soccer and soft ball game I lost the soccer game but won softball.


I start the 90 challenge over again tomorrow and I’m tired as all hell.

I decorated my room to be fallalicious and I’m watching once upon a time.

Wish me luck for tomorrow as I will blog twice to make up for being so late lately..

Alright and it kinda makes up that this blog is kinda short sorry!

I gotta a question for you guys..

What are you gonna be for Halloween? 

I already told you mine and dani’s so now answer me this.

Anyways my iPads about to die and I gotta finish the season 2 so I’ll blog tomorrow twice!


-Liss 🙂

I’ve witnessed death

My neighbor has a really old dog and so I was coming back from the dollar store and I pulled In and I see her running with her dog in her arms crying screaming for her husband and we get out of the car and she’s screams “I think he’s dead! ” while she’s in tears. And it broke my heart so much so now I’m cuddling sammy(my dog).

This hit me so hard and I wanna cry for her it kills when animals die. It feels like death took you instead it’s not even my animal and I fell such pain for her.

Sorry I’m late saw the movie pan. It’s okay. 

I’m tired and crampy and I’ve decided to start the 90 day challenge over (again) on Monday.

So see u then.

-Liss 😐


i want to dive In a river of chocolate.

Guess who came?



I am cranky as I don’t know what I want for dinner. Dani is coming over. And I’m tired.

Nothing much today 

Restarting the 90 challenge after one day and yeah..



I’ll write more tomorrow.

-Liss ;(