i woke up and I’m sore…I wanted to walk but idk if I’m ready.

Softball killed me ugh god they said a little sore A LITTLE SORE IM SO SORE IT HURTS TO COUGH!!!


Ugh god but anyways how was your thanksgiving weekend? I spent mine with my family and it was awesome! I also decorated my room for Hanukkah and Christmas! IM A CAJEW!!!!!!!!!!

Anywho I’m gonna walk to feel accomplished in life.

I gtg but I’ll blog later today BEFORE 8:30!!!!!!!!!!

I’m sorry I have been super duper busy with hw, exercise, family, etc. I need to get back on track I know because I don’t need extra yelling at me because I miss a blog. (Miss Dani) jk Ly dani. 

-Liss ‚̧

How cool?

imagine you could create your own dinosaur.

Like how cool would that be.

It followed you everywhere it didn’t turn on you it ate everyone U didn’t like.

Like I would make them eat everyone..

Except a few people of course but a large population of them

I’m talking about real life like if they came back.

I would take a raptor any day only if Chris Pratt was the trainer though.

Just imagine.

I can imagine riding into the sunset on my raptor Chris Pratt next to me.

Anyways today I played the game pretty pretty princess with my baby brother and he won (on purpose)

I also stayed up doing homework last night so sorry for not blogging

Not my fault my teachers suck


I’m watching jurrasic world again

And my cousins are sleeping over

And I got this out on time!



Why you have to appreciate the little things

Today I thought why am I so annoying?

Why am I so weird?

And my last one was why am I so ungrateful?

I realized it’s so easy to change that And i snuggled my dog. I realized that one day Im gonna be the one watching him grow up, the one who will w there when he’s elderly, the one who’s gonna have to put him down. And I just sat in bed and I cuddled with him.

I’m gonna try to take things slower and enjoy life because it’s so important to take things slow before they’re gone. New Years resolution ūüôā

Anyways it’s sturdy and tomorrow I have to finish homework ugh lets enjoy Saturday for being in the middle.


So done

im so tired I kid you not I woke up at 6:30 to do homework after staying up until 11:30 doing homework and honesty thank god it’s Friday. 

I also had to deal with this crap that this girl (M)was saying she hated this other girl (S)to me. So s asked me does m like her and m said she hates s. So I had to carry that message via text to S. She was freaking out because her only friends just admitted to hating her. So I comforted her and brought her out of her slump and she is moving on. I also agreed to be her friend because she’s actually nice and M is so rude. 

What a day tgif

I also got a final callback for the play.



Why We Shouldn’t Ignore Mental Health

Hey guys welcome back. So today I wanted to talk¬† about a slightly more serious issue. Lately in health class we have been bringing up the subject of mental health quite a lot and at first, it was honestly a little hard for me to sit in that classroom and listen to the discussions about things like depression. My anxiety¬†was always in¬†my mind¬†when we’d talk about that topic.

However, over time, even if it hasn’t been that long, it has gotten much easier for me to listen to the discussion. I now¬†realize just how important¬†it is to maintain our mental health, just as much as we do our physical health.

I feel like growing up in this society has really made¬†mental health a lot more of an issue, especially among teenage girls. We all¬†feel the pressure to look a certain way, whether we realize it or not. It is hard and I feel the pressure constantly as i’m sure most of you do.

We all feel like we have to fit this mold, be it a number on the scale or simply looking in a mirror. For the majority of us, these are painful experiences that can be really traumatizing. They leave us scared and make us feel unworthy. And there are unfortunately many people out there who turn to harmful things in hopes of making themselves feel better.

Mental health is so important because it leads to so many other problems if you don’t take¬†good¬†care of it. ¬†It can lead to a number of physical health issues that leave some people hospitalized.

If you are dealing with a mental health issue, I encourage you to find support. For me anxiety was never easy to deal with, but it always felt good to be open and honest about it. There are so many different recourses out there, I’m sure there are even online support groups. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you had a good day.

See ya soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




hey guys so today I spent the half day we had watching the new YouTube I found..


He’s super awesome and loves llamas! And his channel influenced me to start over on my channel so CHEERS TO NEW BEGINNINGS!

Any ways i have no clue what to write about so I guess a workout routine?


Okay so first have the right diet.



-DRINK ALL THE WATER YOU CAN GET YOUR HANDS ON HONEY! Drink half your body weight (100lbs? 50 oz!)

-Protien;meat, poultry,almonds,etc. (makes you fuller longer)

-NO JUNKFOOD (okay once in a while not everyday)

-DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT SKIP MEALS! My dad skips meals and it’s so unhealthy.Your meals keep you going without them. Your body stores exta fat thinking your not gonna eat. It makes you gain weight not loose it!


-First try to loose your weight wherever it maybe( let’s say abs)

-look up videos on workout routines they help!

-once you loose the extra pounds then you can start your ab workouts if you start them before you loose the extra weight your abs will be hidden!

I love you guys and you are gorgeous. Drop dead gorgeous and I wish you the best in everything you do.. From experience I know the facts above work in in the middle of everything and I’m striving towards track fit by spring! Wish me luck!


Jurassic fright!

hey guys I just finished watching Jurassic world…


Anyways that was not the point of this blog. This blog is about what went down today.

So today I decided to go to a practice for my audition on Thursday for the school play. So in previous practices this girl who is also trying out goes the same days I go.

 Long story short she’s really really sweet. So today I sang in front of her and my chorus teacher again and the first time the girl told me my voice was amazing. She has a very amazing voice as well. But today I finished and then it was her turn to sing. 

She told us she hadn’t practiced and he didn’t want to sing it. When we asked her why she said her parents wanted her to do the play and she was nervous to sing in front of us two. She burst out in tears sayin how she didn’t want to disappoint her parents and her parents called her a quitter when she wanted to back out.

And I felt so flipping bad because I know that feeling and it sucks and this girl had such bad stage fright and it And it me wonder how come I never gotten stagefright?

It’s because I was exposed to it at a young age and got over it. But it’s not that simple for others. So my advice is go out of your comfort zone and do what pleases you. ūüôā

-Liss ‚̧

Choosing A Good Day

Hey guys welcome back. So today I’m having¬†a really good day. I set plenty of personal goals for the day, here they are:

  • Have homework done and blog up by 5:30
  • Work extra hard in orchestra
  • Stay focused in all my classes
  • Do some reading

I can safely say I have completed 3/4.¬†I’m also having a good day because I chose to have a good day. Many inspirational people say that happiness is a choice and I’ve always believed it, I just thought that it could be a hard choice sometimes.

Today I realized that you really can choose to be happy and have a good day. This morning I woke up and made a mental list of the goals above. I planned how to achieve all of them and remembered them throughout the day.

However, when I got to school, I wasn’t feeling so great anymore. But in¬†my first period health class, we got into a discussion about the importance of maintaining mental health. I¬†decided “You¬†know what, I’m¬†going to make this a good day.”¬†And I did.

So yeah maybe happiness is a hard choice sometimes, but if you try really hard and remain in control of yourself, it won’t be so hard. Thank you for reading and I hope you had a great day as well. ūüėČ

See ya soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





How to get motivated

  hey guys

I’m pretty tired right now because I practiced my butt off for my callback on Thursday for my shool play and I’m super nervous. Wish me GL!

So this blog is about how I get motivated whether it’s sports, a lifestyle, or simply cleaning your room finding motivation Is hard. So these tips will help you (hopefully)

1. Figure out your goal-

Figure out what you’re aiming for. Are you trying to walk more often? Figure that out before anything!

2. Set a due date

When are trying to get this by? Is  

 there a specific date?


Now start whatever project you’re workin on! 

So I’m so nervous and tired so GOOD NITE!

-Liss ūüėČ

Some people

I am so done with society

today I was in the cafeteria and I was walking with my friend she says “stand here for a second.” Right in front of my crushes table she steps back and yells “HEY (CRUSHES NAME)!” And runs  and I stand  and there mortified thank god he didn’t hear anything but this made me realize people are sucky and stupid. And then on the bus this girl  i dislike so much asked my friend “what will alyssa get arrested for?”

My friend answers”Maybe getting too drunk? I don’t know.”

Then she says “I think she’ll sexually assault someone.”

I wanted to scream so much at her but no that not appropriate for school. But how dare she say that.

I’m so offended and it bugs me.

This made feel so much like I did something to deserve that. Was it payback for scaring her..LAST YEAR? Like she’s spoiled, bratty,snotty,and looks for attention I HATE HER!!!!!