How to get motivated

  hey guys

I’m pretty tired right now because I practiced my butt off for my callback on Thursday for my shool play and I’m super nervous. Wish me GL!

So this blog is about how I get motivated whether it’s sports, a lifestyle, or simply cleaning your room finding motivation Is hard. So these tips will help you (hopefully)

1. Figure out your goal-

Figure out what you’re aiming for. Are you trying to walk more often? Figure that out before anything!

2. Set a due date

When are trying to get this by? Is  

 there a specific date?


Now start whatever project you’re workin on! 

So I’m so nervous and tired so GOOD NITE!

-Liss ūüėČ


Some people

I am so done with society

today I was in the cafeteria and I was walking with my friend she says “stand here for a second.” Right in front of my crushes table she steps back and yells “HEY (CRUSHES NAME)!” And runs  and I stand  and there mortified thank god he didn’t hear anything but this made me realize people are sucky and stupid. And then on the bus this girl  i dislike so much asked my friend “what will alyssa get arrested for?”

My friend answers”Maybe getting too drunk? I don’t know.”

Then she says “I think she’ll sexually assault someone.”

I wanted to scream so much at her but no that not appropriate for school. But how dare she say that.

I’m so offended and it bugs me.

This made feel so much like I did something to deserve that. Was it payback for scaring her..LAST YEAR? Like she’s spoiled, bratty,snotty,and looks for attention I HATE HER!!!!! 



heys guys so I realized why I wanted to restart the 90 day challenge so many times

It’s because of my nails 

My finger nails

I ute my nails and these 90 are for me to stop. 

Im content with everything about me except my nails

And they hurt so I’ve decided this is what these 90 days are for.

In other news I started art today! It’s nice but this boy who has a crush on me who’s super annoying decided to sit next to me so happiness level is from a ten to a two.

In other words season 3 one once upon a time is great!


Well crazy things

hey guys I’m the new student council president!!

I got to speak on the announcement speaker which no one heard!


But anyways I had an English test today which I got an 89 on.

Im trying out for the play on Monday its beauty and the beast and I have no idea what I’m going to sing. I’m super nervous so leave some suggestions for songs down below for mezzo sopranos? 

Eh. Okay so these two days have been 


Granted today I witnessed the great start to an relationship.

Anyways I was in tech. And these two kids Vincent(VM) and Adam are two trouble making friends. They are so close and always joke with people dropping hints (joking wise) that they are a “thing”

So my teacher called us up to the example desk and I basically was just standing there and I watch Adam come over to Vincent. Then what happened next slayed me.

Adam reaches down and gently grabs Vincent’s butt. 

I look over mortified and I see Vincent’s face. 

Smiling and he just took it.. I was just standing there laughing to myself the whole rest of the period.

And it’s not like I’m against gay anything in fact let’s all just accept gay.

But this was different. They are not gay (I think) and they just joke tih each other so it’s so funny in a way.

You have to actually know the kids to get the funny part about it.

Anyways I’m tired and I gtg do hw


So nervous!

Tomorrow is the election for student council president I’m super duper nervous and don’t kno hat to write!

I gtg do homework but that’s for later.

I’m so happy I have friends honestly.

Who would be able to criticize me because I didn’t know where Washington, D.C. Was.


I’m sad

Sad little existence 

Also because today I was going to throw out the trash at my table when one of my candidates who is now my friend asks me,

“Did you do the review sheet for tech?”







Woops Im not perfect

So I rush over to my table and he gives me his worksheet which he didn’t that have to do and I think was really nice.

Anyways hopefully my tech teacher doesn’t catch on.

So like I said hw gtg bai!








I should explain before I lose my marbles 

So I have dry skin on my nose and It sucks so today I put on my moisturizer and as I was putting it on my nose I guess my tiny nail got suck on the dry skin and pulled it off my nose so there is a blotch of red raw skin on my nose!!!

Ahhhhhhhhhh I’m gonna die!!

Ugh what is my mom gonna say?!

I’m probably gonna be shunned!

Ughhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhh

I’m so nervous and upset oh my lord

I’m gonna die





Bye dani

Bye friends

Bye crush

Bye school

Bye world 



Halloween Costume

Hey guys welcome back. So I Finally got a Halloween costume.

I was super close to being Rapunzel instead of Belle but I managed to find a nice Belle costume at last.

( I just spent the last 30 minutes trying to figure out how to show the picture but I couldn’t do it. )

I’ll try my best to describe it.

The base color is a shiny yellow.

The straps are thick and have thin sparkly material over the base fabric.

The top of the torso has the same sparkly material as the straps and a pink and yellow bow in the center.

The torso itself is the yellow base color and has three pink stripes going down. There are two more of the same bows at the bottom of the torso.

Finally the skirt part has two layers of the base material and a layer of thin sparkly material on the top.

Okay guys that’s it.¬†I’m going to try to fix the Why I¬†Hate Shopping post later tonight.¬†I have no idea if this was interesting or not, probably not but I have a ton of homework I forgot about so I gotta go.

See ya soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!