Blogmas day 12!

Hey guys today’s blogmas is about a to do list for Christmas!

-Make a gingerbread house

-Drink hot cocoa

-Play in the snow

-Sing carols

-Watch home alone, 1,2, and 3


-Sit by the fire

-Spend time with your friends and family

-Liss ❤


Blogmas Day 10!

So hey guys, today is what to but for your secret Santa!

Now me and Dani and my lunch table are doing secret Santa, I got my friend Lauren who happens to be my very close friend who lives up the block from me. So here is to Dani and her secret Santa and to everyone else!

First off see what they ask for and see what kind of things they point out in magazines, online, on TV,etc.

  1. Sprays, lotions, hand sanitizers, or soap
  2. Phone cases
  3. Clothes
  4. Gift card
  5. Money
  6. Books
  7. Video games
  8. Jewelry
  9. Onesie
  10. Makeup
  11. Headphones, or earbuds
  12. Movie
  13. Cleanser for their face
  14. Game they wanted
  15. Lastly, have them pick it out without getting caught. Example: If you are online say “Oh I want this, this, and that” and show them and search it up. Then ask them, “what do you want and show me girl!”

That is all hope you enjoyed peace out friends!


Versatile Award!!!

Hey guys. So yesterday Dani and I were nominated by the AMAZING yellow_giraf280 to do the versatile blogger award.

The rules:
Thank the person that nominated you and include a link to their blog.
– Nominate at least 15 blogs of your choice.
– Link your nominees and let them know of your nomination.
– Share 7 facts about yourself!

My nominees are:

not so anonymous mermaid






I know it says 15 but I don’t read 15 blogs like Dani said so this is good for now. So now some facts about moi.

1.I am extremely extroverted and proud. You ask me to do something your too shy to do, I am on it! As long if it’s reasonable

2.I am German, Russian, Polish, and some Swedish.

3. I develop crushes very easily. Now that sounds silly, but believe me when I say oh it happens.

4.I am attracted to things that are attracted to me. Say for example my experience with that boy who asked me out, for a second I got overwhelmed and my head was like do you like him because he likes you? Turns out NO WAY Sorry but you are very.. RUDE!

5.I AM A PROCRASTINATOR.. nothing to be said about that

6.I want to do so many things when I grow up, interior deigning, write a book, be a singer,Sometimes when i feel like it… A teacher.

7. And, my main goal in life is to have everyone I know smile by me making them.. That is how I developed my sense of humor. But I gotta say sometimes I crack myself up.. OKAY MOVING ON.

Blogmas in a few minutes!!!

~Liss ❤

Blogmas day 6

hey guys today is the right gifts for the right people.





-IPhone/IPod case

-Gift certificate to sephora or a clothes store.



-New items for whatever sport they play(yoga;yoga mat, basketball;New basketball, etc.)

-gift card to a sports store.

-Shorts or leggings


-Long sporty socks 


-Polaroid with film

-New video game

-ITunes gift card


Sorry if these sucked I bet you guys can think of better things but hopefully you got the idea.



Hey guys today i’m going to hang out with my friends at her house because my mom is having this sort of party thing there for her product she’s selling so this blog will be short.

Dani is also coming which is good news. And, a few other of my bestest friends are coming too!


That’s why i was crampy all day ugh god I hate these times. Well good news it wasn’t near christmas!

Also that kid gave me that note in class called me his best friend numerous times this week and gave me a high five out of the blue and asked my teacher for me to be his partner.

I have come to the conclusion hat he likes me.

God why me? I want to be his friend but it might come off wrong. So I’m so stuck between what the hell to do!!!

We also found out today in chorus we are singing hello by adele for our winter concert song. It’s okay i guess..



Day One Blog-Mas!

Hey guys so it’s day one of our blog-mas!!!!!!

So the day went pretty well and I found out my art teacher is grading my portfolio at the end of the week I’m super nervous!

I also have gotten over that annoying crush that used to torture me and I’m proud to say that there are better people (better looking 😉 JK JK)

But at the moment I have no feelings for anyone because no offense to the boys in my school but either they all are, mean, not good looking, or short..

And, what’s with the new haircut? Like a streak on the side of your head? Do you think that’s cool? Charming? Sexy? Like it’s literally telling girls I am a follower and possibly a player. No girl really wants to go for that, that I know at least. But, Hey go knock yourself out with that player while I go write a blog. Granted not all boys with this haircut are jerks because some boys want to fit in. Understandable. But all the other jerks out there yeah go grow your hair out and find a decent attitude and respect for girls.

Anyhow, the next blog coming is a winter themed bedroom look thingy mer bobber.

I’m not good with words says, the girl writing a blog. But have you guys ever noticed how frustrating it is to do your hair. What kind of question is that of course you have felt like you wanted to rip all your hair out at one point. Well, i have these hair ties and they literally are doing the hair pulling for me. Like they hurt as all heck but at the moment they are the only things I have next to this amazing hair tie I used to have that snapped. I’m going out this week to get some but It just bothers me how uncomfortable hair ties these days are like where do the good hair ties go to hide away? Ugh anyways onto the next blog

~Liss ❤


Hey guys so this is the big moment you’ve been waiting for! Drum roll please!!!!



Now what is blog-mas?

Well blog-mas is like vlog-mas a series of blogs that go up everyday but since me and dani already blog you will get TWO BLOGS! EVERYDAY TO DECEMBER 27th!! OUR 6 month Anniversary!

God I sound like an over attached girlfriend. Anyways I am literally so happy this is happening! I mean i feel so accomplished in life.

This blog is basically just to touch up on what dani said about blog-mas! And, i honestly was so happy when i did the math for our anniversary and found out it was this month! Like December is my favorite alone and this makes it 2x Better!!!!!


Okay a little too much sugar today for Liss…

I’m sorry that got way out of control way too fast. But, I am quoting the movie Pixels all day today. My brother watches it over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and so on and so on. So now I can quote half the flipping movie…

Uh huh living the big sister life. But today I worked on my art portfolio more and it has Liss on the front for my name with the L as a Christmas tree, the I as a menorah, the S as a reindeer, and the last S covered in Jewish stars.

Also my drama club just announced the first rehearsal is Thursday. I’m super excited for that too!

That’s all for this blog so Happy December Blog-mas!!!!

See ya Tomorrow

~Liss ❤