Blogmas Day 13!!!

Hey guys card ideas!


-Happy holiday (boring)



-A shape that represents the holiday

-a thought out crafted card

-Happy singing card

Sorry if this was boring!



Scheduling is off 

hey guys so sorry this is late my scheduling is off because of the mode so it sets for 8 in the morning not 8 at night so I’m so sorry but today was pretty good

I cleaned my whole house before my mom came home from Lake George and we got the star shower!!!

I went on a walk with dani and started writing for a contest and got an idea. I’ll write more about that tomorrow. But my goals for tomorrow are to

1. Exercise


3.Eat healthier

I feel really awful about my exercising and such today so tomorrow is a new day!!! I also am getting new sheets, comforter, and possibly a drone for Christmas which I’m pumped about!!!

And my nana told me she has a surprise but I hate surprises! They just are so mysterious

I gotta go take a shower but blogmas will be good!



So Hey guys! I am stuck doing homework so this will be a shorter blog than usual. I went shopping with my grandma and got sweat pants, jeggings, a t shirt, and a sweater I LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Today I went to glee club at 4 which sounds lame but is really fun, you sing, and eventually we will sing to senior citizen homes and such.

But I really don not know what to write about.. WAIT have you guys heard Justin bieber’s song Love Yourself? IT IS AMAZING I BOUGHT IT AND I LISTEN TO IT NONSTOP!

Oh wait that reminds me I need to go upstairs to my mom to get my Hanukkah gift! OK.. So I had a french quiz today which went over pretty well except for the fact that…


She would say,

“Do not forgot your basic spelling rules…” and then my ACTUAL french teacher was like,

“Oh it’s good just change this.”

Ugh god i wonder sometimes..

That’s all for today I told ya short but hope you enjoyed


Blogmas day 8!!!

Today are some life hacks for winter!!

1. Make your makeup look natural! Too much blosh or eyeliner looks like you’ve been out in the cold or cried your eyes out! 

2.Dont loose yourself this winter! Keep yourself in check just because short short are out doesn’t mean you can gain all the weight you want! Just keep yourself in check!

3.Dont eat all organic a treat yourself it’s the holidays christmas is your only excuse to go ham! Just keep it under control

4.Wear your comfiest sweaters NOW! Winter will be over before you know it embrace the fact you can wear sweatpants and sweaters without being told it’s not appropriate

5.Play in your snow.. I know putting on your snowsuit it’s a pain but its worth it to play in the snow again only here for a little while!


Stupid bus driver

Today wasn’t any better than yesterday. I was in eight period when this girl who locked me on Instagram and hates me for no reason elbowed me in the mouth and her team was cheating and it was such an unfair game. Her friends were double teaming on us and our players aren’t the best so Long story they won by cheating.

So after I got elbowed in the face I get on the bus and I freeze.


I ask my bus driver 

“I left my science project in my classroom can I please go in and quickly get it?”

“Fine but I’m not waiting for you”

I think 

‘You little female dog’

So I say to him

” Fine if I miss the bus I miss the bus.”

And thank god for the teachers on bus duty. They held the bus for me as I ran into my classroom to get the project.

I get on the bus and everyone claps.

Not my best. Ugh.

Anyway second night of Hannukah last night I got a yoga mat and this year I’m only getting four because 8 presents for 3 kids is too much money so 2nd gift tonight!


Blogmas day 5

Hey guys so today is music to listen to during the winter season. I hope you enjoy!

1.Let it go

2.jingle bells it’s cold outside ❤

4.Holly Jolly Christmas

5.  Feliz Navidad

6. All I want for Christmas is you ❤

7.frosty the snowman

8.silent night 

9.Here comes Santa Claus

10. Under the Mistletoe 

I love these song so that’s my top ten!!! I really hope you enjoyed and like for Christmas and Dani’s birthday!!!!


Decisions and Dani’s birthday!

today I was so stressed it was unreal.

I ate like a fricking pig, I am on IT, I am bloated as all heck, and I had to ditch my grandparents for schoolwork. Honestly I want to cry. On the bright side my friend met twaimz and took a video of him saying “I love you Liss,” and then blowing a kiss.

It made my existence. No joke

But tomorrow I am motivated to do better. I’m getting on my moms elliptical (with her permission.. Good child 🙂 ) and I’m gonna not eat any junk food. 

So blogmas is coming after this soon and I have my schoolwork to do and a project to memorize.



Blogmas day Four!

Hey guys here’s the blogmas day four! Youubers for Christmas or winter time!


He does christmissa! He sings accapella Christmas songs and such!!! Warning CUSS WORDS INVOLVED!

Miranda Sings:

She does Vlogmas!! She is so funny and amazing! No cuss words

These Two I recommend highly because I their comedy and YouTube skills!!! 

Have a an amazing weekend!!!

~Liss ❤

Blogmas day 3

Hey guys this blogmas is about surviving family. We all have that one annoying aunt! And the siblings whew forget about it.

1.Think before you speak to them.

Think before you say something. It might offend someone which could start fighting. Or someone could take a funny comment as rude and snap back at you. So don’t try to roast your grandma at the table.

2.Take time to enjoy them

As hard as this one is try to enjoy their presence. if your cousins live far away take this time to appreciate them being there. Don’t ask them, so where have you been. Too forward. Instead say, I haven’t seen you in so long! Where have you been!

3.Make sure you tell them how much they mean to you.

This one is a must. If you love your family do this. They always take you into account now it’s time to take them into account.

Hope this was helpful!

~Liss ❤