Scheduling is off 

hey guys so sorry this is late my scheduling is off because of the mode so it sets for 8 in the morning not 8 at night so I’m so sorry but today was pretty good

I cleaned my whole house before my mom came home from Lake George and we got the star shower!!!

I went on a walk with dani and started writing for a contest and got an idea. I’ll write more about that tomorrow. But my goals for tomorrow are to

1. Exercise


3.Eat healthier

I feel really awful about my exercising and such today so tomorrow is a new day!!! I also am getting new sheets, comforter, and possibly a drone for Christmas which I’m pumped about!!!

And my nana told me she has a surprise but I hate surprises! They just are so mysterious

I gotta go take a shower but blogmas will be good!



School and exercise!

Hey guys today was very much better!!!

I had a science project today worth 100 points and my average was an 82 so I was determined to boost it up. So my teacher said we could use index cards but we would loose 5 points if we read off of them so unlike the other people I memorized my two pages and got an 100!!!

That’s gonna boost my average up a lot so I’m pretty excited!

Right now I’m exercising my ass off because I feel very functional.. Yet I haven’t even done my homework! God so im writing this on my moms elliptical.. And I feel accomplished overall!

I got new sweatpants for Hannukah and that makes me even more happier!

Blogmas in a few!


Stupid bus driver

Today wasn’t any better than yesterday. I was in eight period when this girl who locked me on Instagram and hates me for no reason elbowed me in the mouth and her team was cheating and it was such an unfair game. Her friends were double teaming on us and our players aren’t the best so Long story they won by cheating.

So after I got elbowed in the face I get on the bus and I freeze.


I ask my bus driver 

“I left my science project in my classroom can I please go in and quickly get it?”

“Fine but I’m not waiting for you”

I think 

‘You little female dog’

So I say to him

” Fine if I miss the bus I miss the bus.”

And thank god for the teachers on bus duty. They held the bus for me as I ran into my classroom to get the project.

I get on the bus and everyone claps.

Not my best. Ugh.

Anyway second night of Hannukah last night I got a yoga mat and this year I’m only getting four because 8 presents for 3 kids is too much money so 2nd gift tonight!


Not in the mood

So hey guys right now im really nauseous and upset.

1. I’m upset because I went to Dani’s party today and these girls were there. Now I hold nothing against them and they apologized but what I’m upset about is their stupid idea. Now me and my three other friends at the party went down the street to our other friends house. And we were ahead of everyone, so to make us wait for them.. They took MY phone from MY bag, and said that they cracked it. I knew my parents would kill me because I have cracked my iPod 4 times and my iPad. And I was so scared they were gonna be upset at me and make me pay with the money I saved up my whole summer for vidcon. So I get such bad stress, anxiety, and nervousness and I burst out in tears in front of my friends. I was so embarrassed and they will never let me live this down. I’m just really pissed at what they did. Like imagine you standing there crying into your sweater as your friends try to comfort you and then these girls who you vaguely know come over and say it was all a joke. And now your friends go each second your with them, “Hey I cracked your phone Liss.” 

I just don’t even know what too do right now. I’m in sort of a crisis and I’m so upset it’s not even funny.

And 2 why I’m nauseous is because I ate a pizzarito (pizza burrito) and I don’t know what happened but my stomach reacted so negatively and made me feel sick.

So I’m not in the mood for anything and to top it off I have mounds of homework.

Happy Hannukah guys.


Decisions and Dani’s birthday!

today I was so stressed it was unreal.

I ate like a fricking pig, I am on IT, I am bloated as all heck, and I had to ditch my grandparents for schoolwork. Honestly I want to cry. On the bright side my friend met twaimz and took a video of him saying “I love you Liss,” and then blowing a kiss.

It made my existence. No joke

But tomorrow I am motivated to do better. I’m getting on my moms elliptical (with her permission.. Good child 🙂 ) and I’m gonna not eat any junk food. 

So blogmas is coming after this soon and I have my schoolwork to do and a project to memorize.



Blogmas day Four!

Hey guys here’s the blogmas day four! Youubers for Christmas or winter time!


He does christmissa! He sings accapella Christmas songs and such!!! Warning CUSS WORDS INVOLVED!

Miranda Sings:

She does Vlogmas!! She is so funny and amazing! No cuss words

These Two I recommend highly because I their comedy and YouTube skills!!! 

Have a an amazing weekend!!!

~Liss ❤


Hey guys today i’m going to hang out with my friends at her house because my mom is having this sort of party thing there for her product she’s selling so this blog will be short.

Dani is also coming which is good news. And, a few other of my bestest friends are coming too!


That’s why i was crampy all day ugh god I hate these times. Well good news it wasn’t near christmas!

Also that kid gave me that note in class called me his best friend numerous times this week and gave me a high five out of the blue and asked my teacher for me to be his partner.

I have come to the conclusion hat he likes me.

God why me? I want to be his friend but it might come off wrong. So I’m so stuck between what the hell to do!!!

We also found out today in chorus we are singing hello by adele for our winter concert song. It’s okay i guess..



Drama Club

Hey guys at the moment I wanna talk.. so drama club at my school started up and I’m in the play. So it’s gonna be harder for me to get blogs out. Not in December I’m talking about February and march and possibly January too. So don’t hold things against me if i’m a tad late. (9 or 9:15)

Just wanted to tell you that before I go and do all i need to and leave you guys hanging wondering.

“Is Liss dead?”

No i’m alive don’t worry and this is just a heads up!

In other words I think I am screwed.

That kid who I think has a crush on me yeah well i’m still on the verge of knowing that for sure but tell me if this seems like something i boy would do if he liked you or just really likes you as a friend.

He passes you a note in class saying,

“I think we are going to be partners for the next activity!”

Does that come off as anything?

And my friends already came up with my ship name. Ugh my life in a nutshell.

Oh by the way! At 11 o clock last night I made a fanfiction of two of two teachers in my school who are really tall and short. I am on chapter 8 so far.

anyways that’s all stay tuned for the blogmas blog!



hey guys I’m my brothers wrestling practice room and it’s so smelly in the room it smells like feet

Okay do how was your day? Mine was okay. Except for the fact that I had 3 tests today… I hate school.

Like my brother in elementary school knows more than me. And I’m in middle school. Why is this? 

Well that’s because teachers are teaching the kids at a way higher level then they should be at. Like what the hell?

Ugh anyways I’m doing homework so the next blog is coming later when I complete it. Math homework in my room with all my Christmas decor. I love the holidays.

And my blanket is so cozy. I don’t want to ever go to school again. OH AND I MIGHT BE GETTING A TWAIMZ SWEATER!!!!! IM TO HYPED AND COZY!!!!

Like I said new blog little while so hope u enjoyed this one 🙂

-Liss ❤

What the heck

Hey guys I’m so done with my bus. There are so many nice people on my bus and them I love but these girls on my bus ruin it all. We will address them by Snotty S and Greedy G. (SS,GG)

So SS and GG always sit by themselves on our overly crowded bus and there’s usually no room for some people

So today my line was first in the bus and SS wasn’t there yet so as a joke we all sat by ourselves but quickly moved back to sitting with two people. But one kid sat by himself and SS came on the bus an told him you have to double up.

The literal words were so FRIKIN ugh I don’t even want to go into what I was thinking. All I could say was ‘look who’s talking’ but the most messed up part is that after he got up she sat down by herself….

I wanted to strangle her. Please comment what I should say to her. I just ugh god. Anyways this is a short blog and a blog-mas is coming after this!