How I Get Past Creative Blocks


Hey guys, welcome back. Today, while I was watching some YouTube videos, one of the creators mentioned having a bit of a creative block where they weren’t filming videos because they just couldn’t figure out what they wanted to do. And that gave me the idea to make this post.

I’m quite a creative person and as someone who likes to share my creations with other people through things like blogging, for example. That makes a kind of pressure to keep creating, even if people aren’t demanding that I make new things, I feel as though I should be creating new stories, drawings, posts that make you think, etc. This of course means that sometimes I run out of ideas or I just lose the motivation to create.

So I have compiled a list of things that I do to get past creative blocks.

1. Get Inspiration From Others

There is nothing wrong with taking inspiration from other people. Obviously, don’t copy their idea, but if you read someone elses blog post for example and it just makes you think, “Wow, that was really good. I really want to write something like that.” then that’s fine. I do this a lot, if I ever feel like I have nothing to write about, I read other people’s posts and then eventually I get an idea of my own.

2. Take A Break

If you’ve been staring at your computer screen for an hour trying to write that essay, it’s probably not going to come to you. So, turn the computer off, walk away, and do something else for a while. Give your brain a break for an hour and then come back and try again.

3. Put On Some Background noise

I always have something on in the background when I’m writing blog posts. Sometimes I have music but most times I have a YouTube video on. In fact, I’m watching a video right now as I’m writing this. For whatever reason, it helps. When I’m doing homework I even have something on in the background and it makes it easier for me to focus on the task at hand.

Well that’s it from me today. I hope you enjoyed and if you try any of these out and they help you, let me know. Also feel free to comment any other tips that you may have. Thanks for reading and have a great rest of your day or night.

See ya soon!!!




Blogmas Day 20!!!!

Whoa 5 more days of blogmas and 7 days until our 6 month anniversary!

I have something special planned for the occasion and I haven’t even told Dani.

So today’s blogmas is a DIY gift for your family.


What You will Need-

  •  Scrapbook
  • Pictures
  • scissors
  • rolls of tape


  1. First decide who it is for (Family,friends, etc.)
  2. Get pictures of whoever it’s for
  3. Decide the order you will put it in
  4. Before you tape it place the pictures in the order you want them in

I made this gift for my mom and told her it was from a “Close Friend” who told her not to open it until the 25th.

She is so agitated it’s funny

Oh god I love this tie of year

~Liss ❤

One Of Those Days

Hey guys so today i put my interior designing skills to use and decoarted my brother’s room.

I took everything he asked me to do and put posters and little figures in any spaces i could find. I feel so lazy and I need to get on my elliptical and I have not started my homework.

I got gifts for my teachers and I am listening to a awesome song that makes me feel happy!

So I’m having a good day 🙂 So I gotta start my work! AHHHH

But yeah christmas is 5 days away!!!!! I’M SO PUMPED UGH

Okay blogmas a little bit later



Blogmas day 19!!!!!!!

Hey guys today’s blogmas is about the best Christmas present I’ve ever received!

So The best present would have to be a hoodie i got last year, or the sims 3.



Okay sorry out of hand


And the sims is literally the best game I have ever owned.


So I can make my secret husband in the game.

I just finished up a photobook for my secret santa so i’m content. Alright



Hey guys so I’ve been reiceving abuse and harassment from Dani,

I have gotten wacked in the head with a pillow, punched in the ear, and much more

If you care please start the trend, #StopSlaveryinDanisHome

Anyways I slept overdo is house last night and it was FUN

I actually forgot what we did but it was funnnnnn!!

I read Dani’s entry for a writing contest andim still deciding mine. Ugh I need ideas!!!!

So we woke up at ten and ate bagels. They were yum.

I have to study for my French test, and social studies test, God I’m so tired. I had a sugar crash also. Ah good times


Fun day

Hey guys today I had a better day it was pretty great! I am watching inside out so this blog will be short. I have to study for a test but my friend talks and stretches out her words a little bit me and my friend made it sound pretty dirty!


But today Overall I need to wake up tomorrow at 5 to study and tonight too!

Ugh school just ruins everything.

And I am gonna end it there but tomorrow I will make his longer.





Blogmas day 16!!!

why do I love Christmas!

I love the cinnamon smells, pine cones, snow, snow days, presents,giving, just everything!!!

My most favorite thing is the feeling you get! When you know it’s coming and the suspense is just building up and up and up!!! It gets so exiting so fast!!!!!!!! I’m way too excited!!!! 

Comment what’s your favorite thing about christmas!

-Liss 🙂

Secretly Bored

Hey guys today was so uneventful it was almost boring… But I’m on my way to get my secret Santa some earrings! Ugh I’m just so bored

I am telling my aunt what I want for Christmas and I need to make up a white lie to my secret Santa..

So I told her I might be getting her type of phone so she could tell me her phone size so I could buy a phone case for her, so my next little lie is gonna be im getting my ears pierced(story for another time) and I need help deciding what earrings she likes the most. So I can see what she likes the most.

Oh god alright that’s it I’m gonna write blogmas after I get back so enjoy!!


Blogmas Day 15!!!!

Hey guys so today I am sharing things you can do on a snow day!

-Make hot cocoa

-Play in the snow

-Make a gingerbread house

-Sit by the fire

-Lay in bed watching you tube

-invite your friends over

-Go sledding

– Listen to winter themed songs


-Go on instagram or tumblr and search up decor or rooms

-Hang out with your family

-Watch movies

-Sing carols

-Try to do some chores to earn money



-Read our previous blogmas!!!