belated b-day


So first off happy belated birthday dani!! 

And this post is legit dedicated to you- I want you guys to know how truly amazing dani is from 9 years of experience I should know 

So 9 years ago I met one of my best friends ever and at the time I didn’t even know it! Dani is not only one of the kindest, sweetest, and most amazing human being I’ve ever met, but she’s also intelligent, drop dead gorgeous, an amazing artist, and I could go on and on but I want to get my point across that dani is the best human being I’ve met. When I’m stressed she always knows how to calm me down, when I’m sad she always knows how to cheer me up, she’s my safety net and I am forever grateful to her for all the shit she has put up with from me. Shes pretty much like my sister and there’s nothing more I could’ve asked for in a friend. She is the highest expectation of a good friend everyone tries to live up to. And just she’s down right fantastic, and I can’t put it any other way. And even after 9 years you still put up with my bs and my god I don’t know how. Anyways happy belated birthday I love you too much dani ❤



One girl. I despise.


hey it’s lyss and today I need to rant. 

One girl. Lets call her Stacey. I despise stacey. Conceded, spoiled, bratty, snotty, attention seeker, rich. I could continue but I don’t want to get fired up just yet. 

So recently she had been getting on my nerves more and more and believe me I didn’t like her FROM THE BEGINNING. And all my friends have told me including Laura, “she’s so nice” “give her a chance” “she legit did nothing to you why do you hate her?” And they wonder why I’m always salty? Because I’m usually right about these things. But noooooo don’t listen to her she doesn’t know anything. 

Whoops. Back to the story so basically she’s been getting on my nerves more than ever more recently. Some examples- 

She sits by herself when she very well knows she could double up on our over crowded bus. Because she has plenty of friends on our bus.

She talks to Laura like their best friends and ignores me as if I’m not sitting next to Laura. 

My friend, I’m not sure if we have given her a name but we’ll call her Ella, was using a code name to tell me and Laura something about a boy and Stacey chimes in and says,”who?” And she repeatedly tells Stacey “I don’t wanna tell you” so Ella gets off the bus and Stacey turns to me and Laura and says, “okay she’s gone, now tell me.” And I’m stunned now and I tell her, “no I can’t tell you it’s like breaking, I don’t know, like a girl code sorta.” And She goes “whatever” and I later find out she was flipping me off behind the seat. And that fired me up. That’s not all then she mocked me while me and Laura were talking “come on Laura you know it’s ‘girl code’ ” and by now I’m ready to hit her. But I get off the bus barely stable and call it a day.

Now the most recent, I was talking to Laura about jumping in a river and joking around and then STACEY HAS THE AUDACITY TO MUTTER “you should kill yourself now then..” I’m floored, and I was 0.02 seconds away from slapping the living shit out of her. Alas my bus stop came and I had to get off. But I realize I have to keep my cool or else I’m going to kill her no joke. So if something like this happens again I’m saying something because this is ridiculous, either tell me to shut up or hop off.

ugh girls are so confusing.


Little reminders


I don’t have anything to say so I’m just going to write this post.

  1. You are beautiful
  2. You are worth it
  3. You are loved
  4. Your smile is so pretty
  5. Your hair looks great today
  6. Your outfit is on point
  7. You have a soulmate 
  8. You will always have someone to turn to in your life
  9. You aren’t perfect but that’s okay
  10.  You’re enough
  11. One bad day doesn’t define your life
  12. We all have flaws so flaunt them
  13. Love yourself 
  14. You don’t need makeup
  15. You are always wanted

Yeah so This si pretty random, I don’t know what to write about anymore..




Hey guys so a few days ago Dani posted blog Click here for it and basically I couldn’t have been summed up more. Some days I feel obligated to write and held down by this everyday schedule and I feel like I’m leaving Dani all by herself. That’s really not fair but if something not that interesting doesn’t go on that day I’m not gonna bore you guys to death. And nowadays I just have felt tied down between, homework, friends, drama, schoolwork, sleep, the play, etc. I haven’t found a lot of time and I’m sorry to say but I can’t do anything about it. I try so hard and I make excuses to cover up the fact that some days I just don’t care. I would never just get up and abandon the blog but now that I’m being bombarded with everything it’s just been so difficult and I want to say don’t expect me to be blogging everyday I may take a week long break, or a day off and I’m not going to apologize because as much as I love this blog I can’t keep up with it all so just hang on.


I’m a bad blogger


Hey guys I took a break and I’m a bad blogger I didn’t notify you or anything but starting this week I will try my hardest to get these out to you. Not that I’m interesting but just wanna a place to get things out and all I have done is neglect it. I am gonna start using my outlet now and blog. 

Well the week was good, I spent it hanging out with Laura and Dani and our newest addition on the people chart Leelee! So leelee is a boy in our school on me and Laura’s bus and he’s legit so funny and we’ve been hanging out recently with Laura and shiz. I went to a haunted house where I was pushed up against a wall as I screamed in pure terror(I’ll blog about that) and the fact that I think I’m a good friend. All of these will be coming soon since nothing goes on in my life but here’s my audition story I have that I did today! 

So I get there and I practice Johnny and Kara are there so I was laugh-singing but I practiced anyways. I decided I saw big eighth graders a few years back practice in the hallways so imma do that no one will notice WAS I WRONG! I started singing and then I hit the chorus and it got so quiet everyone sixth, seventh and eighth graders stopped and stared at me I felt the heat rush to my face and but I carried on and afterwards I felt like that big eighth grader in that hallway singing her heart out. But anyways I get into the singing portion and I open the door to my chorus teacher (who loves me) and at the end of singing she told me I did good! Then it was the acting portion, I get in and there were two parts I had to play first I played the child who had a bad report card then 3 lines into the parents side I improvised a bit instead of reading it straight off and say “uh huh” all I needed to say was “mhm” and he stopped me. 

“That was great!” 

He laughs uncontrollably 

“You sound just like a parent!”

“My mom does that so..”

“I don’t need to hear anything else that was- *laughs some more*”

I guess I did well.

So this week has been good for me so far! How was yours?


3 Goals?!


Hey guys so I just came back from Long Island and what happened was I needed to get to my soccer game by 11 and I left at 9 me and my mom darted from long Island to my game and I got there just in time. The whole first half I was just out of it I was tired and not ready. But by the second half I was ready to go and pumped. And this is how it went my first goal of the season was when this girl tried to kick the ball and missed so I took it and shot the ball and she missed it and I got the goal! Everyone was freaking out including me and I was so happy. The coaches pulled me over and were so happy then afterwards I was so excited about my goal I tried to get another one and I tried and tried and tried but it didn’t work out too well. Then I had my opening and I shot and  I got another goal! By now my parents were screeching like dinosaurs and I was doing a happy dance. And then my coach took me out of the game to hug me. I got back in 3 minutes later and I shot at the goal this time with my left foot and I got the goal! Everyone flipped out and then the referees called the game! And I got three goals in a row at the end of the game the whole team chanted my name and I felt on cloud 9.

That was my eventful part of the day but it started to wind down and I got the app yellow a couple of days ago and what yellow is, is an app that allows swipe right to like someone and left to pass and if the person likes you then it’s a match and you can talk to them. Basically a tinder for kids. And I spent my day talking to some kids and making friends. Anyways how was your guys day?


Short Story Part 1


Hey this is a short post but it’s the story I promised. And I have a little update- I have bronchitis and had been spending the days playing catch up in my classes and it’s not great but as promised,

I look out my window to the barren trees, blurred. The sounds of the local music played, static leaking in with every verse. My mind fogged with grief and my eyes still a bit swollen. I usually enjoyed road trips on fall days like these but on a day like this I dreaded it with every bone in my body. I looked into the rear view mirror, meeting my driver’s eyes and welcoming a smile. A sympathetic smile, he can see right through me. 
“Family visit?” I look up from my bitten up nails and force a smile, “Yeah.. You could say that.” He nods his head slightly and I close my eyes trying to focus on anything but what seemed to be eating me up inside. The horn blaring, the image of mom grasping onto dad in the backseat, and the loud crack that seems to haunt me. My eyesight falters on the trees, when I see a figure dressed in all red holding a black object I can’t make out, I shudder when I attempt to put it all together. 
The rest of the ride was exchanged half smiles and in and out of sleep but finally I had arrived. The car door closed with a creak and I handed the driver his due and I grabbed my luggage. I stood there before the house I had only seen in pictures, the paint chipping, and the mailbox rusted. It seemed so foreign in my city girl eyes and all at once my eyes caught onto her and then involuntarily I started to sprint towards her familiar face. And she opened her arms. Warm tears streamed down my face and blurred my vision. And as I latched onto her I never wanted to let go of her, of the feeling, of my home, “Addy I’m so sorry..” She began but I stopped her. “Can we talk later?” “Of course.” She opened the door and I stepped in welcoming the smell of crisp country air and a delicious aroma that seems like you would only find in a bakery.

 I had never seen this woman’s house in person nor been inside it and it had a warm feeling attached to it something my city home could never give me. I had known this woman all my life, Josie but since her and my mom were so close I call her Aunt Josie. Aunt Josie had only been to our city home and I had never been to her house, and not to mention I had never met her kids. My mom used to tell me her house was bustling with 7 kids, but there was 6 since her oldest moved out. But when I stepped into her house and placed my luggage down for the first time I knew I would have to incorporate myself as 7. 

That was before Lucas.

Did you guys like it? Lemme know!


Quebec Excitement


Hey guys it’s Lyss and I’m getting back on blogging everyday because for the Jewish new year I made a to blog everyday and I haven’t been sticking to it but I’m currently sick and I need to start getting more involved, now that school is getting on a roll. And I need to get my blogs in check

But on another note I am pumped to be going to Quebec and I have been looking up so many different pictures and activities that we are gonna see and do. I am rooming with my friend Lynn and two other people I don’t know who though yet. Aaaaaahhhhh I am so excited!

Also by the way I mentioned I was sick and I am so I have to catch up with homework so I will be scheduling a few posts on a short story I’m in the making of I’m not totally sure what’s it called but I’m fairly into it. And i didn’t really know what i was writing but I love romance stories and writing them is my favorite so yeah if you like romance you’re in for a treat!

That’s all for now guys!

Buh bye! 🙂

I’m not taken seriously


Hey guys it’s Lyss and today I wanted to just rant a bit about a problem that I’ve started to notice a bit more, more often and that’s how I’m not taken seriously by any of my friends,

So it started back in 5th grade when I actually started to hate my body and that was based off of all the mean words people had said to me. And it really really hurt me so I vowed to myself I would try to make everyone happy, I would try to make everyone smile and try to prevent anyone from feeling the way I felt and I used humor to get my point across. And it worked for a while, I was making people happy and smiling and I felt so important that I was helping people. But I never helped myself I put everyone else before me. It was then I realized it was too late to turn back everyone thought I was so hilarious and that anything I said should be funny, and I believed it was how I was supposed to act. This continued until this year when it came to my attention more abruptly than ever. Whenever I tried to make others happy it worked but I was constantly unhappy. I was constantly dreading talking to my friends because I was a huge joke to them. For a while back in 6th grade everyone thought I was stupid, plain out stupid they would explain simple concepts and metaphors to me as if I was in preschool. And I realized it was because my humor was basic and sometimes I didn’t put too much thought into it so it came off like i was stupid. Like I was joke and couldn’t understand things they could. Eventually that worn out with me getting into my enriched classes but I promised this year would be different. I wanted to be taken seriously if I wanted to survive 8th grade and above all I wanted this year to be memorable and trust me it’s not over yet but constantly when I try to get serious or if I’m ever angry with my friends they brush me off like I’m a joke. “Alyssa you can’t get mad! You’re so funny when you’re mad!” And honestly I don’t want to be funny anymore I want to be myself. And sure I have a sense of humor but I don’t want that to define me and I want to be serious sometimes. But I just can’t in they’re eyes. Which makes me the saddest of all the reasons, I have actually started to make choices that made me happy. And this is holding me back, my friends can be serious I don’t laugh and i expected the same thing. But obviously I need something I need to get through to them and right now I’m stuck on how. 

Well that does it for me today 

Buh bye! 🙂


It has really been forever


So it’s has been forever and I mean forever and I am going to take this brief time to say how happy I am to be writing this, my god I have had this guilt hanging over me that I wasn’t blogging and that is because and I’m not exaggerating here I have stress on top of stress on top of homework on top of stress and I am going to bed at 12 waking up at 6 to finish my homework it really is a lot so bear with me here. 

And I have some big news! Veterans weekend I am going to Canada! Eh? Was that offensive? Sorry if it was whoops, but for real I am going to Quebec City on a French trip in November! I am super duper excited for the early Christmas shopping I am going to do and the heavy sweaters I’m gonna wear. Anyways I’m still shocked my parents even agreed it mind blowing actually we will be taking a bus to Quebec and I’m super pumped!

Also I have been spending the last few days in my French classroom helping paint and i actually love my French teacher she’s so amazing and nice and she gives us candy! 

On a sour note I have gotten essays every night from one class! And I have notes on over 70 pages in a textbook on top of it.. yay?

I have a 4 day weekend so god bless that I needed it and expect blogs in the near future, thank you for being patient guys 🙂