Winter themed room blogmas

Hey have you ever wanted to decorate your dorm room, room, house,etc.? Wait what am i asking I sound like a saleswoman but of course you have!

So here are some easy diys you can do to spruce up your room(s)!!!!

First off if you don’t have a Christmas or winter themed blanket go out and buy a comfy inexpensive one please!

  1. Peace sign on wall with  the words joy in the middle

What you will need;

  • A clear wall or space on wall in your room
  • ductape, ribbon, or magazines(any of these will work but choose one)
  • tape
  • scissors
  • a computer, printer (optional)
  • Pencil w/ eraser(after you take the sign down)


  1. Use your clear area and set how large you want your peace sign to be.
  2. Use a pencil (you can erase this after the season is over and you take it down If you like) to shape the circle. I suggest using a plate to trace depending how big you want it
  3. Using your material go over your circle. If it’s the duct tape then just go over it. If it’s ribbon use tape to secure it on.
  4. Once your circle is a decently looking circle then you can cut out your words either saying joy or love or whatever(printing out the letters are optional too)

2.Countdown to Christmas/holiday of choice

What you’ll need;

  • Hanging chalkboard
  • Holiday themed bows
  • Tinsel/glitter
  • nail


  1. Put your nail in the wall unless you already have nail or something less permanent
  2. Decorate the outer edges of the chalkboard with your ribbon,tinsel,glue some glitter on

Ta Da!!!!!!!!! And the last one is pretty simple

3.tinsel in a winter jar

What you’ll need:

  • Clear jar with holiday snowmen or decor on the outside
  • Tinsel(gold stands out more)


  1. Pretty self explanatory take your jar and place it on a clear area where you can see it
  2. Place the tinsel in

It looks really pretty I love it! ❤

Hope you enjoyed the second blog and hope you want more!

~Liss 🙂



    Hey guys at the moment I have realized I have a little OCD.. yes i have obsessive Christmas disorder and Obsessive Cheese Disorder. But i’m afraid i might have real OCD. Like, dani is currently showing me her health project that her group didn’t do anything on. ( I’ll let dani explain) and the themes don’t match the work is limited and it bothers me.

    Like really bothers me. I felt like chewing my finger off.

    Is this OCD?

    I don’t know but today I woke up and i tried to go walking but it was 30 degrees..

    yep not happening. so me my mom and my grandma turned around and listened to Adele’s new album. I also found my iPod 4!

    It has such cringey and unworthy photos of me in fourth grade.

    My fifth grade graduation.

    That one time in grade 6 when i snuck my I Pod into school and took some really awful photos.

    Right now I’m just face timing Dani who is working furiously on her project.

    And Dani and I are planning a special surprise for Christmas…





    July 27th PEOPLE!

    ~Liss ❤

    How cool?

    imagine you could create your own dinosaur.

    Like how cool would that be.

    It followed you everywhere it didn’t turn on you it ate everyone U didn’t like.

    Like I would make them eat everyone..

    Except a few people of course but a large population of them

    I’m talking about real life like if they came back.

    I would take a raptor any day only if Chris Pratt was the trainer though.

    Just imagine.

    I can imagine riding into the sunset on my raptor Chris Pratt next to me.

    Anyways today I played the game pretty pretty princess with my baby brother and he won (on purpose)

    I also stayed up doing homework last night so sorry for not blogging

    Not my fault my teachers suck


    I’m watching jurrasic world again

    And my cousins are sleeping over

    And I got this out on time!



    Do you like me?

    Hey guys today I’m gonna be talking about this boy in my English class who sits in front of me. 

    He’s always talking to me and shown signs that he likes me. Although I have mixed feelings about him.

    NOW I DO NOT HAVE A CRUSH ON HIM!!! I like him as a friend

    But I’m not sure if he wants to be friends or has a crush on me. On one hand he says some stuff normal people who want to be friends do not say (ex; Liss is the angel of the class,Putting his hand out to shake my hand then him trying to bring me in a hug, etc.). But then again he has a lot of people who are his friends who are girls and I don’t know if he likes me.

    He’s really nice and I want to be friends with him. But he’s also pretty annoying at times but I pretty much have no guy friends except for the exception of family younger friends and like two boys in my school.

    So I feel like why not try to be friends with a nice guy and not a stupid idiot? (He’s a nice, annoying idiot) 

    Hey you only have one life so well we Will See!


    Why do I feel like this?

    hey guys so today I went to a store for a comforter and Christmas stuff and I am christamassed out!

    Snoopy wearing a Santa hat shirt, Oscar the grouch wearing a Santa hat pants, a red warm winter blanket, checkered slippers, and I wreath night light!

    But that’s not the idea of this blog the idea is that I ate some onion rings and by some I mean 3 rings. No big deal right? 


    I’ve decided that part of the 90 day challenge is eating the healthiest I can so I’m gonna start eating a healthy big breakfast, my lunch is pretty healthy so I’m not worried, and a smaller healthier dinner.

    My friend said she would die for my body but I don’t understand why. Honestly I have no boobs what so ever, my legs are huge, my butt is decent I’ll give it that. 

    I know this is hormones but why do I feel like this?

    Ugh I hate teen years. But hey that’s pretty much it. 

    I also have a question do you guys know ANYTHING about meditation or yoga?

    I’m starting this winter and I need some tips, pointers, anything would help.

    Anyways I’ll try extra hard this week and it’s a short week so praise the lord.


    Why you have to appreciate the little things

    Today I thought why am I so annoying?

    Why am I so weird?

    And my last one was why am I so ungrateful?

    I realized it’s so easy to change that And i snuggled my dog. I realized that one day Im gonna be the one watching him grow up, the one who will w there when he’s elderly, the one who’s gonna have to put him down. And I just sat in bed and I cuddled with him.

    I’m gonna try to take things slower and enjoy life because it’s so important to take things slow before they’re gone. New Years resolution 🙂

    Anyways it’s sturdy and tomorrow I have to finish homework ugh lets enjoy Saturday for being in the middle.


    So done

    im so tired I kid you not I woke up at 6:30 to do homework after staying up until 11:30 doing homework and honesty thank god it’s Friday. 

    I also had to deal with this crap that this girl (M)was saying she hated this other girl (S)to me. So s asked me does m like her and m said she hates s. So I had to carry that message via text to S. She was freaking out because her only friends just admitted to hating her. So I comforted her and brought her out of her slump and she is moving on. I also agreed to be her friend because she’s actually nice and M is so rude. 

    What a day tgif

    I also got a final callback for the play.