Why do I feel like this?

hey guys so today I went to a store for a comforter and Christmas stuff and I am christamassed out!

Snoopy wearing a Santa hat shirt, Oscar the grouch wearing a Santa hat pants, a red warm winter blanket, checkered slippers, and I wreath night light!

But that’s not the idea of this blog the idea is that I ate some onion rings and by some I mean 3 rings. No big deal right? 


I’ve decided that part of the 90 day challenge is eating the healthiest I can so I’m gonna start eating a healthy big breakfast, my lunch is pretty healthy so I’m not worried, and a smaller healthier dinner.

My friend said she would die for my body but I don’t understand why. Honestly I have no boobs what so ever, my legs are huge, my butt is decent I’ll give it that. 

I know this is hormones but why do I feel like this?

Ugh I hate teen years. But hey that’s pretty much it. 

I also have a question do you guys know ANYTHING about meditation or yoga?

I’m starting this winter and I need some tips, pointers, anything would help.

Anyways I’ll try extra hard this week and it’s a short week so praise the lord.