About The Transgender Military Ban…

Hey guys, welcome back! Alright, you’ve already heard the news. Donald Trump banned anyone who is transgender from serving in the military and there is a problem with that. A problem that I can best express in the email that I wrote to the White House in which I voice my opinion. 

Good Evening

My name is Dani ****** and I am a soon to be freshman at ********* ***** High School. I am reaching out to you today because I would like to speak my mind regarding the recent transgender military ban. I was absolutely appalled to see that the leader of our country would commit such an act of discrimination. Even though I’m not transgender, I was deeply offended by the actions of the president. I do not believe it is even remotely acceptable, no matter what gender, race, sexual orientation, or other identity, to prevent people from willingly serving this country. Growing up I was taught that this country was all about “liberty and justice for all” and I’d always believed that. If I’m not mistaken the pledge of allegiance that I recite along with the rest of my class every morning at school does not say “liberty and justice as long as you are a straight, white, cisgender, male”. The recent actions against the entire LGBT+ community are, as I’ve said, unacceptable. This country has it’s issues, but those issues can not, and will not, be solved through discrimination of any kind. Especially when that discrimination is directed at an already extremely vulnerable group of people. I hope you take my opinion and the opinions of countless others into consideration and reassess your recent decision. 
Thank you for your time. 

Now I have to give a huge shoutout to Lyss for inspiring me to take action. She texted me earlier today saying that she wrote to the White House and I decided, “you know what? So will I” 

It’s one thing to say that a decision made in our government was a bad one, but changing that decision is another thing. 

Fellow Americans, it’s time to stop wishing and waiting for change and start making change happen. If we don’t do anything about the issues that effect us, those issues will only grow. 

We are the next generation of politicians. We have to show that we care about what is going on in our country. 

Let’s not forget that the government works for us. In a republic, the people call the shots. We have the power for change. We have the power to make our voices heard. There are ways that you can get involved. 

I will not stand by and watch one person make the rest of the world think that this is how America works. This is not how America is. I have faith that our generation especially will not stand for this. 

I’ve said before that I’m not a proud American. But I only ever said that because I didn’t realize that I had the ability to change that. 

If there are issues you care about, research and find out what you can do about them. 

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

**Also as of today our blog is two years old! ūüéČūüéČCan you believe it? We sure can’t. Thanks for sticking with us and supporting our little blog through all its ups and downs. As always, thanks for reading and have a great rest of your day or night.**

See ya soon!!!




How I Get Past Creative Blocks


Hey guys, welcome back. Today, while I was watching some YouTube videos, one of the creators mentioned having a bit of a creative block where they weren’t filming videos because they just couldn’t figure out what they wanted to do. And that gave me the idea to make this post.

I’m quite a creative person and as someone who likes to share my creations with other people through things like blogging, for example. That makes a kind of pressure to keep creating, even if people aren’t demanding that I make new things, I feel as though I should be creating new stories, drawings, posts that make you think, etc. This of course means that sometimes I run out of ideas or I just lose the motivation to create.

So I have compiled a list of things that I do to get past creative blocks.

1. Get Inspiration From Others

There is nothing wrong with taking inspiration from other people. Obviously, don’t copy their idea, but if you read someone elses blog post for example and it just makes you think, “Wow, that was really good. I really want to write something like that.” then that’s fine. I do this a lot,¬†if I ever feel like I have nothing to write about, I read other people’s posts and then eventually I get an idea of my own.

2. Take A Break

If you’ve been staring at your computer screen for an hour trying to write that essay, it’s probably not going to come to you. So, turn the computer off, walk away, and do something else for a while. Give your brain a break for an hour and then come back and try again.

3. Put On Some Background noise

I always have something on in the background when I’m writing blog posts. Sometimes I have music but most times I have a YouTube video on. In fact, I’m watching a video right now as I’m writing this. For whatever reason, it helps. When I’m doing homework I even have something on in the background and it makes it easier for me to focus on the task at hand.

Well that’s it from me today. I hope you enjoyed and if you try any of these out and they help you, let me know. Also feel free to comment any other tips that you may have. Thanks for reading and have a great rest of your day or night.

See ya soon!!!



I’ve Returned


Hey guys, welcome back. I know, I know, I did say that I’d be back on the 22nd of June but, things got in the way of that. And I’ve taken my¬†(very long) time off to reflect and do some thinking in terms of where I want to take this blog. What I want from it.

And I’ve realized that I want what we had in the beginning. I don’t want to be fake. I want to write real posts with my real feelings. I want Lyss and I to love blogging. I don’t want this to be a daily chore, I want it to be something that I really, genuinely enjoy doing.

For me, that starts with being completely honest.

The last 9 months have been the worst of my entire life. Aside from the PANS, which I originally though was the cause of this, I’m having issues with my mental health. Now, yes, the PANS does manifest in psychiatric symptoms but I have been on medication for that for almost 6 months at this point. So my doctors have come to the conclusion that it is more than that.

I’ve been going to therapy since I was 9, but it was only about 8 months ago that I finally switched to a therapist that I am comfortable with. One that I feel that I can easily open up to, who I don’t have to censor myself around. I feel better after I leave these sessions, instead of worse.

I’m also on psychiatric medicine. I don’t really know how much it’s doing for me but I did switch from an SSRI to a more common¬†antidepressant¬†and it’s only been a couple of weeks so really¬†it’s too early to tell. I do have an Ativan prescription because my panic attacks have been so frequent but it doesn’t work for me so¬†at this point I have completely¬†given up on it.

Another thing that I did briefly touch on was the fact that I had been feeling a bit abandoned by my friends, which you can read about here. And the feeling of being left out is still there, but now it has turned into more of a self-hatred thing. I often think about how I can’t blame my friends for not wanting to be around me when I have spent all my time isolating myself and doing nothing to help myself get better. It’s my own fault.

I’ve started to try to commit myself to losing weight and getting healthy. Which, if you’ve been here a while, you’ll know is something I’ve always struggled with. I’m currently 10 pounds down from my starting weight. I’ve got more to go but I want this.

My little cousin, who I’ve not spoken about since this post, is doing wonderful. I’ve seen her two more times and she’s now nearly a year old. She’s beautiful. And she has become my reason for continuing. My uncle is doing his best to gain full custody of her and if he does, which seems likely as of right now, I will be the only female role model in her life. Now, yes, there is our grandmother and my mother, but I will be the closest in age. The one that she’ll trust. My uncle has already told me that he thinks I’m going to be her best friend. So, when I’ve felt like my world is collapsing around me, when I’ve thought that it would never get better, looking through her photos reminds me that I’m needed, wanted, loved.

I cannot speak for Lyss, but I do know that for me, this blog is a safe place. Somewhere I can go when I need support, something I love doing. And so let this be the beginning of a new era. As we near our two-year blogoversary, allow this to be the start of a new chapter of blogging. A chapter dedicated to honesty, love, determination, hope, and healing. I’m done being sick. I’m done being broken. To anyone reading who feels like they are at their lowest low, that there is nothing that can help them get better, I understand, but it will get better. I extend a hand to you, we’ll pull each other from the trenches.

See ya soon!!!



1 Year!!!!! Mom Edition!


Hey guys! Its Liss and Dani here. And today is our 1 year blogoversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¬†You might have noticed some¬†changes to our blog. Its¬†been here for a few days now but¬†we didn’t want to say anything just yet.¬†We now have a new theme and the header image was designed by Dani!

Before we begin we have to thank people like Elm, Aspen, Em, Coral and so many more (<3) for sticking with and taking the time to get to know us. It means so much more than we will ever be able to express.

In spirit of our anniversary, we are having our moms write anything they want. It will be unedited, untouched by us. Here we go!

Dani’s Mom:

O.K. Here I go…My daughter Dani and her friend Liss (who I call my other daughter)…love them to pieces.¬† I am so blessed and proud to have Dani as my daughter.¬† She is beautiful both inside and out, smart, funny, loving….I could go on but I’m sure you guys don’t want to hear a mom go on and on about how wonderful her daughter is…Know that Dani and Liss are¬†real friends, they are honest and speak from the heart and their experiences. I am proud that they have confidence to create a blog and I am excited for them to see how many followers “get them”…I love my Dani and of course Liss.¬† I wish them lots of luck on this blog and cannot wait to see how the future goes for them!¬†Words cannot express how much I Love you Dani – Mom ‚̧

Liss’ Mom:

Happy 1 year anniversary! I’m so proud of you girls for putting this blog together to share your experiences with other teenagers.I know that the issues you blog about are what most teenagers also go through. Your honesty and advice is probably so helpful for others. You are smart, caring, and beautiful girls! ‚ĚĆ‚≠ēÔłŹ-Mama Sita

And We hope you enjoyed this post  with our moms and just again we are so lucky to have this blog, and to all the people who supported us and were there for us thank you from the bottom of our hearts

-Liss ūüôā and Dani ‚̧

The Pixar Theory and Snow!!!

Hey guys welcome back. So today has been a really good day for me. But I do plan on making it even better with these 3 goals

  1. Exercise
  2. Finish my homework
  3. Read at least 3 chapters of the book i’m working on

So today I woke up and I was in that strange state where you’ve woken up but you’re still dreaming. Do you now what I mean? It’s like I woke up, and I knew I woke up, but my dream kept going. It was weird¬† but when I opened my eyes I could see that there was finally a significant amount of snow outside!

Where Liss and I live there has barely been any snow this year and normally we would’ve had like 3 major storms and 2 snow days by now. But there is finally a good 8 inches on the ground which is actually more than what was predicted.

So I went outside with my brothers and my dog and we spent like 2 hours burying each other in the snow and throwing it at our dog. I swear our dog loves the snow so much. We’d throw it at him and he’d try to eat it and he was sticking his face into the snow and it was adorable.

But, aside from that today I discovered a really good YouTube channel. I haven’t watched enough to know too much about the creators but the videos I was watching were mostly Disney and Pixar theories. The Pixar Theory, in particular, was mind blowing. And another video about the possibility of Ana and Elsa having a brother was very interesting. If you have a bit of time because the video is a little long, please watch it because it really made me think.


But yeah, that’s about all I have to say for today. Thank you for reading and if you are interested in the other video that I really liked you can check that one out here. Have a great rest of your day or night.

See ya soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Beauty Blogger Award

Hey guys welcome back. So Liss and I have been nominated by the wonderful notsoanonymousmermaid to do the Beauty Blogger Award! Thanks so much for the nomination.

I nominate



Internet Introvert


Sorry if you’ve already been nominated, now you just have a double nomination. ūüôā

My Answers

What is your favourite part of your make up routine?  Eyes. I love experimenting with different colors.

If you could only use one make up product everyday what would it be and why?  Mascara.

If you could go to one award ceremony this awards season what one would it be? Kids choice awards. Yes I’m a complete child and I also had no clue what to put down.

Summer or winter?¬† Winter all the way! I can’t stand it when it’s disgustingly hot out.

What item of clothing is your must have this season? Fuzzy pajamas.

What is your favourite clothing brand/ shop? I’m not much of a shopper but I do like this online store called Delia’s.

If you could only use one brand of make up for the rest of your life what brand would it be and why? I’m going to say Sephora ( that’s a brand right ) because all of my makeup is from there.

What is your favourite perfume? I don’t wear actual perfume but I have a¬†vanilla body splash that I really like.

A hair colour you would love to go? I’ve always said that if I died my hair a natural color, it’d be red so red.

If you could go on a date with one celebrity who would it be and why? I don’t know, Luke Hemmings just because I don’t know who else to say.

My Questions

  1. When do you feel most beautiful?
  2. How often do you wear makeup?
  3. Do you believe there is a difference between pretty and beautiful?
  4. Would you ever dye your hair an unnatural color? If so what would it be?
  5. What is your favorite band?
  6. Do you prefer the heat or cold? Why?
  7. If you could only shop in one store forever, what store would It be?
  8. What is your favorite makeup product?
  9. What is your favorite makeup brand?
  10. What’s your favorite clothing item?

Okay guys that’s it. I hope you enjoyed this post because I spent quite a bit of time on it. Thank you for reading and have¬†a great rest of your day or night.

See ya soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!







Feeling Better

Hey guys welcome back. So today, I went back to school even though I still wasn’t feeling 100% better. I do feel good about going because my tests were easy and the essay wasn’t too bad. My teacher said that if I didn’t finish she’d work out a way for me to have extra time. So that’s good. Goals for the day:

  1. Exercise (not as much though )
  2. Do some extra reading
  3. Go to bed at a reasonable hour

I am feeling very productive today. I got ready for school and had about 10 minutes to spare. I worked hard in school and did well despite not going yesterday. And I finished my homework already, even the work due Monday. I think that deserves a pat on the back. *pat pat*

I am also in this odd mood where I feel like singing. Since orchestra today, I just want to sing.¬† I’m pretty sure this is my friends fault because she was making me really jealous with her incredible voice and ever since then I just want to sing.

Also this week flew by. Tomorrow is already somehow Friday. I barley remember going to dance Monday. I went right? Middle school moves much faster then elementary school did. I think it is because in middle school you switch classes, see different people in each class, and in middle school every period has a set end time. In elementary school, it felt like Friday was always so far, but now its the complete opposite.

Anyway I am going to go complete my goals and take care of some other stuff. I hope you somehow enjoyed this very random and all over the place post. Thank you for reading and have a great rest of your day or night.

See ya soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Day One Blog-Mas!

Hey guys so it’s day one of our blog-mas!!!!!!

So the day went pretty well and I found out my art teacher is grading my portfolio at the end of the week I’m super nervous!

I also have gotten over that annoying crush that used to torture me and I’m proud to say that there are better people (better looking ūüėČ JK JK)

But at the moment I have no feelings for anyone because no offense to the boys in my school but either they all are, mean, not good looking, or short..

And, what’s with the new haircut? Like a streak on the side of your head? Do you think that’s cool? Charming? Sexy? Like it’s literally telling girls I am a follower and possibly a player. No girl really wants to go for that, that I know at least. But, Hey go knock yourself out with that player while I go write a blog. Granted not all boys with this haircut are jerks because some boys want to fit in. Understandable. But all the other jerks out there yeah go grow your hair out and find a decent attitude and respect for girls.

Anyhow, the next blog coming is a winter themed bedroom look thingy mer bobber.

I’m not good with words says, the girl writing a blog. But have you guys ever noticed how frustrating it is to do your hair. What kind of question is that of course you have felt like you wanted to rip all your hair out at one point. Well, i have these hair ties and they literally are doing the hair pulling for me. Like they hurt as all heck but at the moment they are the only things I have next to this amazing hair tie I used to have that snapped. I’m going out this week to get some but It just bothers me how uncomfortable hair ties these days are like where do the good hair ties go to hide away? Ugh anyways onto the next blog

~Liss ‚̧


Hey guys so this is the big moment you’ve been waiting for! Drum roll please!!!!



Now what is blog-mas?

Well blog-mas is like vlog-mas a series of blogs that go up everyday but since me and dani already blog you will get TWO BLOGS! EVERYDAY TO DECEMBER 27th!! OUR 6 month Anniversary!

God I sound like an over attached girlfriend. Anyways I am literally so happy this is happening! I mean i feel so accomplished in life.

This blog is basically just to touch up on what dani said about blog-mas! And, i honestly was so happy when i did the math for our anniversary and found out it was this month! Like December is my favorite alone and this makes it 2x Better!!!!!


Okay a little too much sugar today for Liss…

I’m sorry that got way out of control way too fast. But, I am quoting the movie Pixels all day today. My brother watches it over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and so on and so on. So now I can quote half the flipping movie…

Uh huh living the big sister life. But today I worked on my art portfolio more and it has Liss on the front for my name with the L as a Christmas tree, the I as a menorah, the S as a reindeer, and the last S covered in Jewish stars.

Also my drama club just announced the first rehearsal is Thursday. I’m super excited for that too!

That’s all for this blog so Happy December Blog-mas!!!!

See ya Tomorrow

~Liss ‚̧

Choosing A Good Day

Hey guys welcome back. So today I’m having¬†a really good day. I set plenty of personal goals for the day, here they are:

  • Have homework done and blog up by 5:30
  • Work extra hard in orchestra
  • Stay focused in all my classes
  • Do some reading

I can safely say I have completed 3/4.¬†I’m also having a good day because I chose to have a good day. Many inspirational people say that happiness is a choice and I’ve always believed it, I just thought that it could be a hard choice sometimes.

Today I realized that you really can choose to be happy and have a good day. This morning I woke up and made a mental list of the goals above. I planned how to achieve all of them and remembered them throughout the day.

However, when I got to school, I wasn’t feeling so great anymore. But in¬†my first period health class, we got into a discussion about the importance of maintaining mental health. I¬†decided “You¬†know what, I’m¬†going to make this a good day.”¬†And I did.

So yeah maybe happiness is a hard choice sometimes, but if you try really hard and remain in control of yourself, it won’t be so hard. Thank you for reading and I hope you had a great day as well. ūüėČ

See ya soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!