Why I Regret Cutting My Hair


Hey guys, welcome back. So about a month ago now, I chopped off my hair. It was about to the bottom of my rib-cage and I cut enough off to have it just graze my shoulders. Its grown back a bit now and most days I’m completely happy with it but in general, I regret doing it.

First of all, literally everyone has this exact haircut. Like every girl I walk past. I feel like a product of my environment. So unoriginal. So boring.

Second, everyone loves it. And I know what you’re thinking, I know that that’s a really strange reason to hate a haircut but hear me out. Everybody seems to like it better. I keep getting compliments, even weeks after I cut it. And I despise them.

Alright, most of my reasons have to do with other people but personally I just don’t think it suits me. I like m hair longer. It feels better, I think it looks better. But it has a lot of growing to do now. Not to mention I lost a lot of styling options.

The reason I cut my hair in the first place was because it was really dead and my ends were so split and it just needed help. And yes, now it is a lot healthier and looks less knotted but I miss my long hair.

So yeah, I’m not really sure what that post was  but thanks for reading anyway.

See ya soon!!!




My Self Soothing Playlist| DBT w/ Dani Lesson 1 Part 2


Hey guys, welcome back. It’s the first post of the year! WOHOO! Let’s kick it off with more DBT stuff because part one got some great feedback. Thank you guys so much for that. I was actually pretty hesitant to post that because it was so different. But it did well so we’re back with more.

Today I’m not teaching a skill, I’m sharing with you my playlist that I mentioned in the first part of this post. But lets just cut to it.

1. Photograph By Ed Sheeran 


2. Ease By Troye Sivan (feat. Broods)

3. Perfect By Ed Sheeran

4. Talk Me Down By Troye Sivan 

5. Happier By Ed Sheeran

6. Heaven By Troye Sivan (feat. Betty Who) 

7. Hearts Don’t Break Around Here By Ed Sheeran 

8. Suburbia By Troye Sivan 

9. Supermarket Flowers By Ed Sheeran

10. All I Ask By Adele

11. How Would You Feel (Paean) By Ed Sheeran

12. When We Were Young By Adele

13. Save Myself By Ed Sheeran

14. Home Sweet Home By Ricky Dillon

15. Dive By Ed Sheeran

16. 2 Poor Kids By Ruth B.

17. Elastic Heart Cover By Madilyn Bailey

18. Skinny Love By Birdy

19. Golden By Ruth B.

20. Amnesia By 5 Seconds of Summer

21. Satellite By Gabbie Hanna

22. A Thousand Years By Christina Perri

23. Rise Up By Andra Day


So yeah that’s all I have for you guys today thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed

See ya soon!!!