Blogmas Day 25!!

Today’s blogmas is different.

It’s not a tip but a wish to all of you guys-

When me and Dani started the blog we were completely amateur, which is still probably true with no followers what so ever. The blog wasn’t even  real writing just little blurbs in hope’s we got views. Since it is developed to all of this I wanted to say thank you

Thank you all for taking the time to read our work

thank you for being our friends

Thank you for being there for us

Thank you for understanding our problems

Thank you for being always available to listen

And most of all..

Thanks for being you~

You are not our followers but our friends.

Me and Dani love every last one of you to death and just keep it up.

Here’s to the last blogmas of 2015!!!!

-Liss ❤


Blogmas day 24!!!!!

So here’s some ways to make Christmas Day more awesome

-Open gifts

-Go out to eat

-Talk with family

-Spend it with your friends

-Go to a party

-Text friends

-Secret Santa

-Take down decor

-Plan a New Years Party!

~Liss 🙂 (Happy Holidays)

Blogmas day 22

hey guys today’s blogmas is some life hacks… Again

-instead of decorating your entire room for Christmas take some throw pillows, blankets and a mini tree

-want rosy cheeks without blush? Go outside or pinch your cheeks!

-wanna decorate the tree quick? Throw some tinsel on it with a star.

-are you THE house on the street that doesn’t decorate? Just throw up a wreath and some cute Diy signs that say, santa’s this way! Etc.

Sorry this was short!


Blogmas Day 20!!!!

Whoa 5 more days of blogmas and 7 days until our 6 month anniversary!

I have something special planned for the occasion and I haven’t even told Dani.

So today’s blogmas is a DIY gift for your family.


What You will Need-

  •  Scrapbook
  • Pictures
  • scissors
  • rolls of tape


  1. First decide who it is for (Family,friends, etc.)
  2. Get pictures of whoever it’s for
  3. Decide the order you will put it in
  4. Before you tape it place the pictures in the order you want them in

I made this gift for my mom and told her it was from a “Close Friend” who told her not to open it until the 25th.

She is so agitated it’s funny

Oh god I love this tie of year

~Liss ❤

Blogmas day 19!!!!!!!

Hey guys today’s blogmas is about the best Christmas present I’ve ever received!

So The best present would have to be a hoodie i got last year, or the sims 3.



Okay sorry out of hand


And the sims is literally the best game I have ever owned.


So I can make my secret husband in the game.

I just finished up a photobook for my secret santa so i’m content. Alright