Not in the mood

So hey guys right now im really nauseous and upset.

1. I’m upset because I went to Dani’s party today and these girls were there. Now I hold nothing against them and they apologized but what I’m upset about is their stupid idea. Now me and my three other friends at the party went down the street to our other friends house. And we were ahead of everyone, so to make us wait for them.. They took MY phone from MY bag, and said that they cracked it. I knew my parents would kill me because I have cracked my iPod 4 times and my iPad. And I was so scared they were gonna be upset at me and make me pay with the money I saved up my whole summer for vidcon. So I get such bad stress, anxiety, and nervousness and I burst out in tears in front of my friends. I was so embarrassed and they will never let me live this down. I’m just really pissed at what they did. Like imagine you standing there crying into your sweater as your friends try to comfort you and then these girls who you vaguely know come over and say it was all a joke. And now your friends go each second your with them, “Hey I cracked your phone Liss.” 

I just don’t even know what too do right now. I’m in sort of a crisis and I’m so upset it’s not even funny.

And 2 why I’m nauseous is because I ate a pizzarito (pizza burrito) and I don’t know what happened but my stomach reacted so negatively and made me feel sick.

So I’m not in the mood for anything and to top it off I have mounds of homework.

Happy Hannukah guys.



Decisions and Dani’s birthday!

today I was so stressed it was unreal.

I ate like a fricking pig, I am on IT, I am bloated as all heck, and I had to ditch my grandparents for schoolwork. Honestly I want to cry. On the bright side my friend met twaimz and took a video of him saying “I love you Liss,” and then blowing a kiss.

It made my existence. No joke

But tomorrow I am motivated to do better. I’m getting on my moms elliptical (with her permission.. Good child 🙂 ) and I’m gonna not eat any junk food. 

So blogmas is coming after this soon and I have my schoolwork to do and a project to memorize.



Blogmas day 3

Hey guys this blogmas is about surviving family. We all have that one annoying aunt! And the siblings whew forget about it.

1.Think before you speak to them.

Think before you say something. It might offend someone which could start fighting. Or someone could take a funny comment as rude and snap back at you. So don’t try to roast your grandma at the table.

2.Take time to enjoy them

As hard as this one is try to enjoy their presence. if your cousins live far away take this time to appreciate them being there. Don’t ask them, so where have you been. Too forward. Instead say, I haven’t seen you in so long! Where have you been!

3.Make sure you tell them how much they mean to you.

This one is a must. If you love your family do this. They always take you into account now it’s time to take them into account.

Hope this was helpful!

~Liss ❤

So done

im so tired I kid you not I woke up at 6:30 to do homework after staying up until 11:30 doing homework and honesty thank god it’s Friday. 

I also had to deal with this crap that this girl (M)was saying she hated this other girl (S)to me. So s asked me does m like her and m said she hates s. So I had to carry that message via text to S. She was freaking out because her only friends just admitted to hating her. So I comforted her and brought her out of her slump and she is moving on. I also agreed to be her friend because she’s actually nice and M is so rude. 

What a day tgif

I also got a final callback for the play.



Jurassic fright!

hey guys I just finished watching Jurassic world…


Anyways that was not the point of this blog. This blog is about what went down today.

So today I decided to go to a practice for my audition on Thursday for the school play. So in previous practices this girl who is also trying out goes the same days I go.

 Long story short she’s really really sweet. So today I sang in front of her and my chorus teacher again and the first time the girl told me my voice was amazing. She has a very amazing voice as well. But today I finished and then it was her turn to sing. 

She told us she hadn’t practiced and he didn’t want to sing it. When we asked her why she said her parents wanted her to do the play and she was nervous to sing in front of us two. She burst out in tears sayin how she didn’t want to disappoint her parents and her parents called her a quitter when she wanted to back out.

And I felt so flipping bad because I know that feeling and it sucks and this girl had such bad stage fright and it And it me wonder how come I never gotten stagefright?

It’s because I was exposed to it at a young age and got over it. But it’s not that simple for others. So my advice is go out of your comfort zone and do what pleases you. 🙂

-Liss ❤

How to get motivated

  hey guys

I’m pretty tired right now because I practiced my butt off for my callback on Thursday for my shool play and I’m super nervous. Wish me GL!

So this blog is about how I get motivated whether it’s sports, a lifestyle, or simply cleaning your room finding motivation Is hard. So these tips will help you (hopefully)

1. Figure out your goal-

Figure out what you’re aiming for. Are you trying to walk more often? Figure that out before anything!

2. Set a due date

When are trying to get this by? Is  

 there a specific date?


Now start whatever project you’re workin on! 

So I’m so nervous and tired so GOOD NITE!

-Liss 😉

Some people

I am so done with society

today I was in the cafeteria and I was walking with my friend she says “stand here for a second.” Right in front of my crushes table she steps back and yells “HEY (CRUSHES NAME)!” And runs  and I stand  and there mortified thank god he didn’t hear anything but this made me realize people are sucky and stupid. And then on the bus this girl  i dislike so much asked my friend “what will alyssa get arrested for?”

My friend answers”Maybe getting too drunk? I don’t know.”

Then she says “I think she’ll sexually assault someone.”

I wanted to scream so much at her but no that not appropriate for school. But how dare she say that.

I’m so offended and it bugs me.

This made feel so much like I did something to deserve that. Was it payback for scaring her..LAST YEAR? Like she’s spoiled, bratty,snotty,and looks for attention I HATE HER!!!!! 


Friendship 101

Hey guys welcome back! So today Liss and I are blogging together. YAY! Today we will be discussing friendship and all the ways we’ve grown so close over the years.

So technically Liss and I met in kindergarten but we weren’t official friends until 3rd grade. So here’s a list of all the ways you can become as close with your friends as Liss and I.

  1. Laugh until you can’t breathe at pointless things and make ton of inside jokes about them.
  2. Be very honest
  3. Watch oprah reruns everytime you hang out at the club. HIT THAT THANG! ( guess who wrote that one )
  4. Sing in terrible voices
  5. Be super weird
  6. Make fun of people you hate(Well then how do you like me now MOM?!)
  7. Pretend to be basic white woMAN in Amurica. Starbucks please?
  8. Share PEPE MEMES
  9. Make movies together
  10. Make a blog together

Okay that’s it. As you can probably already tell Liss wrote most of them but these are just the ways we have maintained such a close friendship. Basically be as strange as possible and create a ton of odd jokes.

Thanks for reading!

-Liss 🙂 and Dani ❤

Sunshine Blogger Award!!!

Hey Guys!!!The Lovely,amazing,wonderful  scoutingtheyearaway nominated dani and I to do the sunshine blogger award. Dani already did her blog but me I’m so slow it’s not even funny.But here’s the rules


– Thank the person who nominated you.

– Answer the questions from your nominators.

– Nominate 11 bloggers and set them 11 questions (different to the ones your nominator/s asked you) to answer.
 Let’s get to it!

1. What is your favorite type of music?
 probably Pop,soft, or anything Adele. I love u Adele ❤

2. Favorite place to be in the world? With my family and friends. I love them to death

3. Who is your idol and why? I think it would be Adele. Adele blew out her vocal cords but came back with killer song. ( )

4. Describe your personality in three words: funny,outgoing, shameless 

5. Best experience of your life so far? Probably seeing YouTube and its wonders. Honestly without YouTube where would I get my entertainment from? Wherever would I watch my videos? And further more reruns of oprah?

6. What is your favorite Christmas or Halloween and why? Christmas all the way sorry Halloween! Christmas gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. Ya know? All the cinnamon everything? Yum!

7. Have you ever been camping,if so did you like it or not?
 Yes I have been camping and yes I loved it! Just being outside in the nature and sleeping under the stars makes me feel so comforted.

8. If you could change one thing in the world what would it be and why?  Probably to get rid of labels. Like to instead of labeling someone as a nerd,gross, or stupid we could just say hmm. I dont know maybe a human? 

9. Are you left or right handed?  I’m a righty but I want to try writing with my left hand as good as I write with my right hand. Mainly so I could be like look at me I’m special 🙂

10. What is your all-time favourite film and why? Probably night of the Museum. I’ve seen all the movies and cried for them and it is just such a good film and I’m so upset how another won’t be coming out. Rip Robin Williams 

11. Do you prefer hot drinks or cold drinks? Cold drinks. They are refreshing and hot drinks make me silly to my stomach.

The next step is to nominate 11 bloggers but I don’t read 11 blogs so I nominate aastrological and anyone else who read this and wants o participate. Your questions:

1. Favorite season?

2.Your personality?

3.I you could sleep under the stars without any disturbance would you?

4.Have you ever regretted anything?If so would you go and change it?

5. What Netflix series are you currently on if you have netflix?

6. Favorite animal and why?

7.Favorite day of the week? 

8.Mommy or daddy’s boy/girl?

9.Do you believe 11:11 works?

10.Favorite clothing items (shirt,pants, Shoes?)

11.If you could be one age forever what age would you be?

That’s it love u guys and I’m so excited for next school quarter on Monday I have art!


Society is killing me 

ugh dani’s post has struck a cord in me..

One I try to hide as much as possible and that’s helplessness and sadness.

This poor girl who has done nothing wrong is being harassed for being herself and for something they put on her.

If there is one thing I hate its liars. And this gets me fired up. I wanna tell them to go scratch to leave this poor girl alone, let her actually want to come school. You don’t know what is going on you can’t assume and be complete asses. She has a learning disability which is in opinion is fine. And she’s probably smarter than all of them combined.

It reminds me when I have just wanted to die when I was put on the spot. 

Being called fat. 

This led to me being majorly insecure.

I can’t imagine what will happen to this girl if they continue.

Two times and I got insecure this has been going on for long enough than it should’ve. 

I want to go dani’s bus and just yell at them. No one will stick up for her except for dani but these awful need to be taught a lesson. I know I know she stalking to the guidance counsler.

But they don’t do anything they aren’t skilled in this topic. 

You can’t just,”not take it to heart.”

These people are straight up rude, disgusting and this is why I hate society.

Seventh grade I treating me amazing so far but I can’t imagine why she goes through and for this I feel a deep sadness and the worst part is..

I can’t do anything