Beauty Blogger Award

Hey guys welcome back. So Liss and I have been nominated by the wonderful notsoanonymousmermaid to do the Beauty Blogger Award! Thanks so much for the nomination.

I nominate



Internet Introvert


Sorry if you’ve already been nominated, now you just have a double nomination. 🙂

My Answers

What is your favourite part of your make up routine?  Eyes. I love experimenting with different colors.

If you could only use one make up product everyday what would it be and why?  Mascara.

If you could go to one award ceremony this awards season what one would it be? Kids choice awards. Yes I’m a complete child and I also had no clue what to put down.

Summer or winter?  Winter all the way! I can’t stand it when it’s disgustingly hot out.

What item of clothing is your must have this season? Fuzzy pajamas.

What is your favourite clothing brand/ shop? I’m not much of a shopper but I do like this online store called Delia’s.

If you could only use one brand of make up for the rest of your life what brand would it be and why? I’m going to say Sephora ( that’s a brand right ) because all of my makeup is from there.

What is your favourite perfume? I don’t wear actual perfume but I have a vanilla body splash that I really like.

A hair colour you would love to go? I’ve always said that if I died my hair a natural color, it’d be red so red.

If you could go on a date with one celebrity who would it be and why? I don’t know, Luke Hemmings just because I don’t know who else to say.

My Questions

  1. When do you feel most beautiful?
  2. How often do you wear makeup?
  3. Do you believe there is a difference between pretty and beautiful?
  4. Would you ever dye your hair an unnatural color? If so what would it be?
  5. What is your favorite band?
  6. Do you prefer the heat or cold? Why?
  7. If you could only shop in one store forever, what store would It be?
  8. What is your favorite makeup product?
  9. What is your favorite makeup brand?
  10. What’s your favorite clothing item?

Okay guys that’s it. I hope you enjoyed this post because I spent quite a bit of time on it. Thank you for reading and have a great rest of your day or night.

See ya soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!









Hey welcome back. So today Liss and I are doing our blogs together. I’m not sure doing exactly but I’ll let Liss talk now.


So what’s good internet? Me and Dani are jamming to Love Yourself by Biebs and talking about SWEED

Okay so Liss wasn’t getting anything done so story time with Dani while she calms down.

*Dani’s paragraph got deleted*

SO my story is about this kid I will call SWEED so we were walking together from math to lunch and we were talking so all of a sudden his friend comes up. He says, “Hey Swe-”

and he screams,


So I’m just walking there really awkwardly next to them and then the kid looks at me then SWEED and says,


And then he runs ahead.

So Sweed is there cursing to himself and then looks at me. So, I say

“I know you don’t

So he runs ahead too, to catch his friend.


Ugh I was so pissed but that’s all hope you enjoyed

~Liss 🙂 Dani ❤


Blogmas day 8!!!

Today are some life hacks for winter!!

1. Make your makeup look natural! Too much blosh or eyeliner looks like you’ve been out in the cold or cried your eyes out! 

2.Dont loose yourself this winter! Keep yourself in check just because short short are out doesn’t mean you can gain all the weight you want! Just keep yourself in check!

3.Dont eat all organic a treat yourself it’s the holidays christmas is your only excuse to go ham! Just keep it under control

4.Wear your comfiest sweaters NOW! Winter will be over before you know it embrace the fact you can wear sweatpants and sweaters without being told it’s not appropriate

5.Play in your snow.. I know putting on your snowsuit it’s a pain but its worth it to play in the snow again only here for a little while!


Blogmas day 5

Hey guys so today is music to listen to during the winter season. I hope you enjoy!

1.Let it go

2.jingle bells it’s cold outside ❤

4.Holly Jolly Christmas

5.  Feliz Navidad

6. All I want for Christmas is you ❤

7.frosty the snowman

8.silent night 

9.Here comes Santa Claus

10. Under the Mistletoe 

I love these song so that’s my top ten!!! I really hope you enjoyed and like for Christmas and Dani’s birthday!!!!


Decisions and Dani’s birthday!

today I was so stressed it was unreal.

I ate like a fricking pig, I am on IT, I am bloated as all heck, and I had to ditch my grandparents for schoolwork. Honestly I want to cry. On the bright side my friend met twaimz and took a video of him saying “I love you Liss,” and then blowing a kiss.

It made my existence. No joke

But tomorrow I am motivated to do better. I’m getting on my moms elliptical (with her permission.. Good child 🙂 ) and I’m gonna not eat any junk food. 

So blogmas is coming after this soon and I have my schoolwork to do and a project to memorize.



Blogmas day Four!

Hey guys here’s the blogmas day four! Youubers for Christmas or winter time!


He does christmissa! He sings accapella Christmas songs and such!!! Warning CUSS WORDS INVOLVED!

Miranda Sings:

She does Vlogmas!! She is so funny and amazing! No cuss words

These Two I recommend highly because I their comedy and YouTube skills!!! 

Have a an amazing weekend!!!

~Liss ❤

Winter themed room blogmas

Hey have you ever wanted to decorate your dorm room, room, house,etc.? Wait what am i asking I sound like a saleswoman but of course you have!

So here are some easy diys you can do to spruce up your room(s)!!!!

First off if you don’t have a Christmas or winter themed blanket go out and buy a comfy inexpensive one please!

  1. Peace sign on wall with  the words joy in the middle

What you will need;

  • A clear wall or space on wall in your room
  • ductape, ribbon, or magazines(any of these will work but choose one)
  • tape
  • scissors
  • a computer, printer (optional)
  • Pencil w/ eraser(after you take the sign down)


  1. Use your clear area and set how large you want your peace sign to be.
  2. Use a pencil (you can erase this after the season is over and you take it down If you like) to shape the circle. I suggest using a plate to trace depending how big you want it
  3. Using your material go over your circle. If it’s the duct tape then just go over it. If it’s ribbon use tape to secure it on.
  4. Once your circle is a decently looking circle then you can cut out your words either saying joy or love or whatever(printing out the letters are optional too)

2.Countdown to Christmas/holiday of choice

What you’ll need;

  • Hanging chalkboard
  • Holiday themed bows
  • Tinsel/glitter
  • nail


  1. Put your nail in the wall unless you already have nail or something less permanent
  2. Decorate the outer edges of the chalkboard with your ribbon,tinsel,glue some glitter on

Ta Da!!!!!!!!! And the last one is pretty simple

3.tinsel in a winter jar

What you’ll need:

  • Clear jar with holiday snowmen or decor on the outside
  • Tinsel(gold stands out more)


  1. Pretty self explanatory take your jar and place it on a clear area where you can see it
  2. Place the tinsel in

It looks really pretty I love it! ❤

Hope you enjoyed the second blog and hope you want more!

~Liss 🙂